Thousands flock to register for Biggest Weight Loser Challenge at RAK Hospital

Thousands flock to register for Biggest Weight Loser Challenge at RAK Hospital

 UAE residents across the country race to participate in the ‘RAK Biggest Weight Loser Challenge’ within a week of its announcement

 Total number of registrations in physical, virtual and corporate categories crosses over 10,000 mark – more than three times the expected number

20th December 2021, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: Within a week of its announcement, RAK Hospital’s Biggest Weight Loser Challenge has gained unprecedented momentum as thousands across the UAE register themselves for the competition. The contest, which was announced on the 13th of December, caught immediate attention of the UAE residents as an increasing number of people found the motivation to gain fitness and lose weight in a holistic way under the supervision of a team of medical and health experts.

The 10-week challenge, which commenced on 17th December, has clocked in over 10,000 contestants, with 51 percent registering in the Physical category while 49 percent are from the Virtual category. The weighing in of the participants under the physical category was scheduled from 17 to 19 December at RAK Hospital. However, due to the overwhelming demand and more than 5000 opting to weigh in at the hospital, the physical weighing in has been extended by two more days until 21st December to accommodate the increase in numbers. The competition has also garnered wide interest among corporates with several organisations signing up.

 “We were expecting around 3000 participants, and to see more than three times the number is just so encouraging; we could not be happier with such a positive response,” said Dr. Raza Siddiqui, commenting on the impressive turnout, “Besides the motivation to win the contest, this also goes to show that UAE residents understand the value of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of achieving their health goals. We really hope these 10-weeks pave the way for thousands of people to figuratively and literally walk their way to sustainable and holistic wellbeing. This is a great service to the community”.

 This is the second round of RAK Hospital’s Biggest Weight Loser Challenge, the first was held in 2018. This time, contestants had the convenience to register from clinics across the UAE virtually as well as visit RAK Hospital. Besides individuals, corporate organisations are also participating as teams. Winners will be awarded in all three categories.

Two winners – male and female – will receive cash awards of AED 500 for every kg they lose in the Physical category, while corporate teams will be judged on average weight loss and awarded accordingly. For winners in the Virtual category, the competition offers exciting incentives including staycations and shopping and medical check-up vouchers among other prizes.

Unlike many other weight loss plans that come without specific guidelines and proper medical support, every contestant in the challenge will get weekly diet and exercise plans and will be invited to weight loss webinars conducted by the RAK Hospital’s multidisciplinary team of medical and health experts.

“In order to ensure that participants’ weight loss journey is safe, we have created a scientific environment where individuals with differing health & medical needs, including those with Diabetes, Hypertension, and other chronic ailments that influence their weight loss patterns, are individually able to consult our expert team of Physician, Endocrinologist, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Physiotherapist, etc. Throughout the 10 weeks, participants will be provided with specific medical advice in accordance with their condition. This way, even if an individual loses a large amount of weight in a relatively short span, it will be under medical supervision,” explained Prof. Adrian Kennedy, Chief Wellness Officer, Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management.

As per a recent Ministry of Health study carried out in the last decade on national nutrition, 33 percent of married women and 40.4 percent of married men are overweight in the UAE. The study further revealed that 38 percent of the married women were found to be obese among married men, the percentage was 15.8.

The programme is supported by several sponsors including, Gulf Drug LLC (platinum sponsor), Phillips (silver sponsor) and Waldorf Astoria, Hilton, Rixos, and GymNation are bronze sponsors.


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