12 December 2021, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Ganesh Jayaraman, a 48-year-old Indian expat living in Dubai and working as an Office Administrator, got the call of his dreams during UAE’s celebrations of the Year of the Fiftieth. On 2 December before joining in the Golden Jubilee celebrations with the rest of the country, Mr. Jayaraman got a call from Idealz informing him that he was the winner of the once-in-a-lifetime grand prize.

With the belief that only in the UAE could his fortunes be upturned, the resident of three and a half years put his faith in Idealz, the popular rewards-based online store. His love for the UAE led him to purchase a commemorative Ubel Badge for AED50 from the official National Day Cash Prize raffle hosted exclusively on with a prize of AED500,000 cash. Little did he know though that this purchase would change his life forever. 

“I thought I was still dreaming when I got that first phone call, I could not believe it!” commented Mr. Jayaraman. “I have never thought of myself as a lucky person, but I never stopped believing.” With the aim of using the prize money towards a good cause alongside investing it, Mr. Jayaraman, who hails from Tamil Nadu, wishes to open his very own restaurant back in South India, in hopes to give back to his community and provide the less fortunate with nutrition to live a healthy balanced life. The humble gentleman shares, “What I can suggest to people is to believe in their luck, enter competitions and love the UAE – anything is possible”.

The official National Day Prize Campaigns by Idealz were hosted exclusively on the platform’s website and application and saw a total of 10 winners take home more than AED 2 million in prizes. The highly anticipated draws took place live on 2 December at Sunset Beach and were telecast on National television. Mr. Jayaraman, the winner of the National Day Cash Prize moved to Dubai in 2017 in search of a better opportunity to provide for his family back home. 

He further added, “I never imagined winning this amount of money in my whole life, I have been working hard to feed my family and to provide my two daughters with the best education possible. All I wanted was to show off my love of the UAE by wearing the Ubel Badge during the National Day celebrations and when I went back home to India. I wasn’t expecting to win at all, but I am so thankful to God that I can now open my very own business and look after my family.”

Commenting on the celebratory prize campaigns, Founder and CEO of Idealz, Jad Toubayly says “We would like to extend our congratulations to all winners this National Day. It brings us great pleasure knowing that some winners’ lives will change for the good.” The innovative e-commerce platform is the official digital raffle partner of Dubai Festivals & Retail Establishment and is the exclusive point of sale of the DSF Mega Cash Prize worth AED750,000 amongst a host of other prizes, as it continues to change the lives of its customers, both locally and internationally. 


About Idealz:

Idealz is an online store that has reimagined the shopping experience. Buy any Idealz product and you will get the chance to win a wide range of luxury prizes from five campaign categories: cars, cash, and gold, jewelry and watches, electronics, and lifestyle. Once you purchase a product, you will receive a complimentary coupon into the prize draw of the campaign you selected.

To date, Idealz has awarded over AED75 million worth of prizes to over 2,200 winners of 72 different nationalities. The rewards-based company also has an innovative CSR program in partnership with Dubai Cares, that has converted customer donations into the construction and operation of numerous schools for children in developing countries. 

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