Delta World Charter celebrates seven years of operations with impressive growth numbers

  • Aircharter company wraps up 2021 having flown over 28,000 passengers in 2021, including 11,000 on A320 aircraft
  • After successfully participating in the Dubai Airshow, DWC sees market recovery and growth ahead

Dubai, UAE; 15 December 2021: Leading aircraft charter specialist Delta World Charter (DWC) has celebrated its seventh year of operations in 2021 with continued growth despite challenging market conditions – including one of the worst crises in aviation history, the COVID-19 pandemic. Dubai-headquartered DWC expanded its global footprint, and a wide range of delivery services, to stay resilient and continue to grow this year.

DWC achieved profitability in its first year of operations, registering a double figure CAGR between 2014 and 2020. In 2021, DWC flew over 28,000 passengers in total.

Despite a turbulent period for the aviation sector, DWC remained strong across passenger private jets and cargo divisions, signing up as the General Sales agent (GSA) for Fly2Sky’s Airbus A320 fleet earlier this year. The company performed over 80 flights across 159 sectors, flown over 11,000 passengers, generated over $8 million in revenue and added seven new customers in the first six months of operations as GSA.

In 2021, a new class of passengers pivoted to private aviation for the safety, privacy, and comfort it afforded, with prices that are often comparable to first-class commercial travel. As some countries began welcoming tourists again, Delta World Charter saw pent up demand materialize. On the back of COVID-19 immunizations rolling out across the world and travel resuming in many sectors, DWC remains optimistic about long-term global prospects. DWC’s bullish outlook has been bolstered by its successful participation at the Dubai Airshow 2021.

“In our seventh year of operations, we are proud to have been of service, by facilitating repatriations, evacuations, and humanitarian missions. In a challenging year when we continue to grapple with border closures and travel restrictions, charter flights stepped in to fill a critical gap. Throughout the pandemic, DWC has transported not just stranded travellers but millions of pieces of PPE, masks and aid to communities around the world as well. We were one of the first air charter companies to deploy aircraft for evacuation of people in Kabul earlier this year,” said Dmitriy Korshunov, CEO of Delta World Charter.

As the industry takes off globally, DWC has projected positive results for 2022. “We remain upbeat about the further growth of the market, and we will be investing more into our operations next year,” said Dmitriy. “We look forward to achieving many more milestones, as we expand operations into Africa, even as we navigate the new normal of the post-pandemic business landscape and continue to serve people everywhere.”



About Delta World Charter

Delta World Charter (DWC) is a leading air charter broker company founded in 2014 by Dmitriy Korshunov. DWC provides tailored solutions of private jets, cargo freighter and commercial aircraft charter. Whether it’s for business, leisure, group charter, emergency evacuations or ensuring critical air cargo is delivered in time and within the regulatory framework, Delta World Charter can provide professional air charter options. The company offers bespoke solutions to fit client’s requirements and preferences – cost-effective, time-critical, hassle-free.

Headquartered in Dubai, Delta World Charter’s breadth of coverage and global network of aircraft gives its clients access to over 60,000 aircraft.

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