Lithuanian pavilion opens its window shutters to the world at Expo 2020

Lithuanian pavilion opens its window shutters to the world at Expo 2020

Dubai – December 12, 2021: The pavilion of Lithuania at Expo 2020 has been designed with window shutters as the main symbol of the structure to highlight the idea being open to innovation with the world, all the nations and people.  

Romas Jankauskas, Commissioner General of Lithuanian Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, and Head of Expo Affairs at the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, says that the design of the pavilion highlights the current world’s most important message of tolerance, and peaceful coexistence of the citizens of the world. 

According to him, Lithuanian pavilion has been built using natural wood and modern technological solutions for solar panels. “The same idea goes for the indoor exhibition, applying sustainable synergies whenever possible. When the majority of the design and implementation works completed, Lithuania approved its image strategy, focusing on co-creation. Thus, we’re introducing ourselves to the world as ready to create these sustainable synergies together with the entire world.”

Jankauskas says the pavilion conveys the image of Lithuania as a nation rich in talent, source of inspiration and land of opportunity. The exhibition content is built around sensorial discovery and represents all the authentic and modern essence of the country.

“Visitors have access to the pavilion after passing a refreshing, open-air terrace full of pleasant experiences. This space is covered with multi-coloured shadows and has artificial fog cooling system. Visitors who are waiting in the queue near the pavilion will feel a pleasant and refreshing drizzle,” added.

The pavilion’s OPENARIUM terrace and balcony works as a space to organize small scale events including concerts by famous Lithuanian orchestras and soloists, performances or exhibition of Lithuanian modern and traditional art.

The pavilion also has a small restaurant and souvenir shop team to guide the visitors through Lithuanian flavours and products.


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