UAE Based Startup RemotePass Closes 7-figure Pre-Series A Funding Round

UAE Based Startup RemotePass Closes 7-figure Pre-Series A Funding Round

December 08, 2021 – United Arab Emirates: UAE based startup RemotePass, a tech platform helping companies hire anyone, anywhere, has officially raised funds in a Pre-Series A round which was led by BECO Capital with participation from Wamda Capital, Khawarizmi VC, Flat6Labs, Wealth Well and a syndicate of Saudi investors.

This follows RemotePass’s initial seed investment and comes as the start-up is ramping up efforts to further enhance and streamline the process for companies to onboard and pay their remote teams globally. The investment will serve primarly for geographic expansion and building a more efficient infrastructure. Companies can hire talent in over 120 countries as independent contractors or as employees in compliance with local labor laws. RemotePass offers a clickthrough experience for companies to easily handle everything from compliance to payroll as well as day-to-day HR operations in a GDPR-compliant environment. Although the startup offers a full-stack platform, they understand that larger companies have their preferred tools in place, thus, offering built-in integrations with multiple HR and accounting softwares to increase productivity.

COVID has demonstrated that there is an increase in productivity when working remotely, today we see more demand on remote talent than ever and companies who resist this change will simply miss out on talent. RemotePass enables talent to work from anywhere, and the raising round has given us validation and confidence to further grow the brand. We are extremely excited and thank our investors for believing in RemotePass since day 1.” said the Co-founder, Kamal Reggad.

RemotePass strives to equip companies with all necessary tools to employ talent anywhere while providing their teams access to benefits and financial services regardless of their location. RemotePass currently services 80+ global & regional companies (i.e., SWVL, Unifonic, Nas Daily, Eyewa), assisting them in managing their growing global workforce in 120+ countries.


About RemotePass:

RemotePass is a UAE-based startup, offering full-stack platform to help companies hire & pay talent globally and in full compliance.

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