Netix Global becomes a Tridium Gold Tier Partner…….

Netix Global becomes a Tridium Gold Tier Partner; credits its revolutionary Android Approach to building operations for continued success and recognitions

Gold Tier Partnership with Tridium comes on the back of Netix Global’s continued success in providing a new lease of life to legacy buildings and BMS/BAS, through its revolutionary vendor-agnostic integration and open-protocol solutions.

December 6th, Dubai, UAE: Netix Global, a subsidiary of the SB Group and a leading smart buildings solutions provider, has become a Gold Tier Partner of Tridium, the developer of Niagara Framework and a giant in the automation industry. The partnership is expected to enhance Netix’s existing value proposition, adding to its clients’ advantage.

The partnership between leading solutions providers bodes well in light of increasing consensus on the need to optimize existing buildings and bring them under the larger sustainability umbrella. Netix Global, with its innovative “Android Approach” to building operations, has been at the forefront of addressing operational blind spots and archaic methods that hamper holistic sustainability and efficiencies.

“A vast majority of existing buildings leave much to be desired in terms of energy consumption, efficient performances, and occupant experiences. Therefore, with the influx of proptech and state-of-the-art equipment, relatively new buildings have a competitive edge over old ones. Using our intelligent Integrated Building Management System (iIBMS) and Netix Konnect platform, we are increasing the digital parity between old buildings and new,” said Sanjeevv Bhatia, CEO of Netix Global and Chairman of the SB Group.

The underlying principle behind the “Android Approach” is the breaking down of silos between multi-vendor, legacy building systems through IoT-led integration. This endeavor, combined with data collation and AI analytics, results in an open-protocol building characterized by proactive maintenance, benchmarked performances, optimal energy consumption and, most importantly, superior occupant experiences.

Netix Global was recently in the news following the launch of its Novus Partner Program at the iconic Burj Khalifa. The Netix Novus Partner Program is poised to start a “Brownfield” revolution in the Middle East by future-proofing old buildings with legacy systems. Many leading solutions providers across the region’s real estate value chain have since joined the program.

Netix’s revolution has now gathered momentum with Tridium’s Gold Tier Partnership. The company intends to leverage the partnership to enhance its ability to integrate its clients’ existing building systems with value additions. Also, the association with Tridium exposes Netix to newer possibilities, allows serving new markets, and complements its product/service development.

“We have had a steep learning curve this past year, and the Gold Tier Partnership with Tridium is the culmination of our recent successes. As we channel our findings, resources, and expertise to further enhance our solutions portfolio, the partnership with an industry luminary like Tridium will be consequential to our next growth cycle. Our sincere gratitude to Tridium for recognizing our contributions to the smart buildings movement,” added Sanjeevv Bhatia.

About Netix Global:

Headquartered in Schiphol-Rijk (Netherlands), Netix Global BV is a vendor-neutral iIBMS automation solutions provider, with a strong focus on sustainable smart buildings, smart cities, and energy efficiency. The company’s global presence currently extends from Europe to the Middle East, USA, India, Singapore, with upcoming debuts  in the United Kingdom, Egypt, Qatar, KSA, Canada and Australia, as well as active opportunities being pursued in broader markets. Building on the strengths of an open framework and IoT technology driven approach, Netix Global BV is a premier provider of best-in-class building automation systems, solutions and services. A Tridium Gold Partner, Netix’s comprehensive industry expertise ranges from design, engineering, integration, connectivity, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of smart building eco-systems, and their components. Netix Global BV’s products and services include Netix Konnect- Intelligent Integrated Command Control Center (iICCC); NETIX Uniview SUPRA, a feature-rich supervisory software suite built on the Niagara platform; Managed services offering predictive maintenance for both buildings & machinery; Smart Metering solutions and more.  Underscoring the confidence that Netix Control Solutions stands out, as a class part, are the team behind this promising venture, who boast a collective experience featuring stints with Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Siemens, and Delta Controls.

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