Al Khoory Sky Garden Hotel exhibits UAE’s glorious history and culture to mark the 50th National Day

Al Khoory Sky Garden Hotel exhibits UAE’s glorious history and culture to mark the 50th National Day

The six-day exhibition will display rare collections of coins from the 18th century till now as well as stamps that portray the glorious journey of the UAE through a philatelic exhibition organised by Emirates Philatelic Association at the newly-opened Al Khoory Sky Garden hotel

Date: Dubai, UAE, November 30, 2021

As the momentum for the UAE’s Golden Jubilee celebrations accelerates, the country’s newest hospitality destination Al Khoory Sky Garden Hotel displays a rare philatelic exhibition that will not only showcase the country’s history from the 18th century till now but will also capture its historic milestones in its formative years through rare collection of stamps, coins, bank notes, etc., as part of the UAE’s week-long 50th National Day celebrations.

Philatelic collections including stamps, currencies – coins and banknotes – as well as historic documents says a lot about a country’s history, as they remain living testimonies of its journey. The six-day philatelic exhibition aptly titled, UAE Past and Present, will narrate the country’s 250-year glorious journey from the 1870s till now.

Organised by the Emirates Philatelic Association (EPA), the exhibition will showcase stamps and postal history of the UAE before and after federation.

The exhibition that opens at 6:30 pm on November 29, will continue till December 4, 2021 – is open to the public from 10 am till 10pm at Al Bustan Ballroom of Al Khoory Sky Garden Hotel in Port Saeed area, located on the Airport Road, close to Emirates/Dnata’s Deira office and within walking distance of Deira City Centre.

“Like photographs, philatelic products – stamps, coins and currencies – speak more than a thousand words. Therefore, the philatelic exhibition rightfully titled – UAE Past and Present – is a perfect tribute to the UAE’s rich culture, history and heritage and compliments the 50th National Day celebrations across the country,” says Abdulla Khoory, President of EPA. “Those who want to know the UAE’s history will get it all in one place with physical evidence. We invite the UAE residents, citizens and tourists to visit the exhibition and glance through our rich history.”

The members of the EPA will display their international collections made during the past twenty-five years, in addition to the special display of the currencies that were used before and after the union. These collections show the amazing development in various fields in the country over the past fifty years and beyond.

Historic Currency Display

The collection of the rare coins includes Time of Maria Theresa dated 1780 used in the region, currencies used during the period of the East India Company from 1835 until 1861, currencies belonging to the British India rule from 1862 – 1947, currency used during India’s post-independence from 1949-1959 and then Gulf Rupee 1959-1966, Bahraini Dinar in Abu Dhabi from 1966-1973 in Dubai and other Emirates, Saudi Riyals 1966 until 18 September 1966 with Coins of Bahraini Fils and Qatar and Dubai Riyal from 18 September 1966 until 1973.

Dubai’s Postal History from 1909 till 2021

Postal services in Dubai commenced on 19 August 1909, when the first Indian branch office was opened by the British Indian postal administration. It was managed by Karachi post office using contemporary Indian stamps, which remained in use until the separation of British India in to India and Pakistan.

Following division of the Sub-Continent into India and Pakistan in 1947, the Pakistan postal administration took charge of Dubai post office until 1 April 1948 when control of the post office was given to British administration.

The modern emirate of Dubai was created consequent with the formation of the UAE in 1971. However, written accounts documenting the city have existed at least 150 years prior to the formation of the UAE.

This exhibition will focus Dubai’s postal history including postal markings, postage stamps, commemorative stamps, postal routes and rates, during British Indian and Pakistan Postal Administration from 1909 to 1948 as well as the recent past.

The exhibition will explore the issues used in the Emirate of Dubai from opening of first post office in 1909 under British Indian postal administration until the last issue of Dubai local administration on 31st July 1972 along with postal stationery and usage of the stamps.

Abu Dhabi: From Trucial States to the Formation of the UAE Federation

Postal Service in Abu Dhabi started with the opening the Frist Post Office, showing the Stamps, Postal Stationery, Cancellations, Overprint, Surcharges and Errors.

This exhibition will show the postal adhesives used in Abu Dhabi Emirate from opening the first post office in the emirate on March 30, 1963, showing the stamps and related aerogramme used, exhibit will end with UAE provisional issues and surcharges. 

Sharjah’s Postal History

The exhibition also shows the postal development in the Emirate of Sharjah. Before the opening of the first post office, mails from Sharjah were sent either through Dubai or Royal Air Force Station Sharjah. Letters that sent through Dubai post office. The Sharjah airport began to function on October 1932.

Al Khoory Group’s hospitality arm, Al Khoory Hotels, has recently opened Al Khoory Sky Garden at the heart of Deira, Dubai. The opening of the hotel marks the beginning of a week-long festivities to celebrate its Golden Jubilee of the UAE National Day on December 2.

Al Khoory Sky Garden hotel is located on a plot of land where Al Khoory Group had started its business operations around 50 years ago – the year the UAE Federation was formed. Fifty years later, the group is re-creating history with its new hotel – just a few days before the UAE National Day when the country charts a new beginning for the next 50 years.

With 279 spacious rooms and suites with premium amenities and interconnecting facilities, Al Khoory Sky Garden Hotel is an ideal hotel in the middle of the central business district in Deira which also features four food and beverage outlets including an all-day dining facility, spa, gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool, kids club, games room, a large ballroom and three meeting rooms.


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