Lootah Real Estate Development prepares to launch Loci,…….

Lootah Real Estate Development prepares to launch Loci, first-ever residential apartments exclusively designed for young professionals

A project that reveals a bold approach redefining residential living



Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 28 November 2021 – Lootah Real Estate Development (LRED), the pioneering real estate development arm of Lootah Holding and one of Dubai’s leading property developers dealing in master-planned, mixed-use communities, and innovative lifestyle developments prepares to launch their new project Loci, a modernistic and dynamic living facility which aims to target the needs of UAE’s young professionals and learners.

Data released by property finder revealed that real estate value increased by 135.4% and the transactions increased by 85.36% in the third quarter of this year as compared to the same period last year.

Surrounded by impeccable park views, chic amenities, and captivating modern design, LOCI, derived from Latin meaning places or community, elicits its own character. At five stories, LOCI demonstrate a lesson on innovative design built on an intimate scale. The project consists of 114 units, ranging from impressively designed studios, to 1- & 2-bedroom apartments, based around three broader themes; Miami minimalist, New York Lofts & London Docks. Supplemented with differentiating tones, expression and ambiance, the units offer elegant, luxurious, trendy & holistic lifestyle approach.

Miami Minimalist theme sets a unique tone of vibrancy and elegance with its peculiar aesthetics and modern furniture. Carrying a combination of sophisticated and modern elements, Miami Minimalist is inspired by nature; ocean, salt, sun, and sand. It is a high in demand and Insta-worthy design style that makes the most of every room.

New York Lofts is yet another matchless residential experience, hitting the aesthetic jackpot by emanating the epitome of Big Apple-style living.  Part rustic and pure chic style, every inch of the floorplan is carefully considered to allow an abundance of natural light to balance all the deeply defined midtown Manhattan characteristics.

London Docklands apartments reflect the historic beauty and intrigue of East London, reinterpreted for today’s urban professionals. The deep tones of graphite and blackened steel incorporated with playful pops of colors enhance each apartment’s dapper interior.

Commenting on the launch, Raja Alameddine, CEO of Lootah Real Estate Development, said “We realize that youth are the UAE’s greatest asset and the foundation of country’s future. With more and more youngsters entering the workforce, Dubai is becoming a popular place for young professionals and dynamic learners. LOCI not only allows our target market to choose & customize their living space according to their needs and desires by offering them options to pick styles and layouts, but also offers them a user-friendly, modern & high-quality accommodation to relax, taking a breath of fresh air from the mundane, and breaking the mould of apartment living.”

Coinciding with country’s commitment to sustainable development, LOCI take the lead on sustainable living experience by offering eco-friendly, cleaner and smartly designed utilities to reduce heat transfers. Energy reflection materials, on-site water filtration facilities, smart ACs, solar-powered lighting and App-driven home maintenance system and other behind-the-scene systems enhance the environment within the residential units.

The project will also feature gym facility with high end machines. Additionally, a space is designed for residents to practice yoga and meditation along with a rooftop pool. The interiors of the project are meticulously designed by JPA design, an award-winning multinational design company.

“At Lootah, we continue catering to all segments of the community. With changing times and needs, we want to offer exceptional accommodation experience to UAE’s thriving and young millennials and Gen Z. Loci has been designed keeping in consideration the need for a lifestyle experience that can meet the ambitions of youngsters, and at the same time, offer all the necessary amenities to lead an enjoyable, productive, and sustainable life,” added Arash Dara, Group Chief Executive Officer of Lootah Real Estate Development.

The project is situated at a prime location in JVC, which is one of the most user-friendly and master communities pioneered by Dubai’s leading real estate developers. Located along entrance 1 in JVC, Loci is in close proximity to Nakheel Mall, Circle Mall, 5-star hotels, multiple restaurants, shops and groceries and landscaped parks.

The project spans over an area of 3079 square metres with a total investment of about AED 70 million. The developer is offering several payment plan options available for buyer’s convenience.

For more information on the project, please visit – https://www.lootahdev.com/


About Lootah Real Estate Development –

Lootah Real Estate Development is the pioneering real estate development arm of Lootah Holding, a family-owned conglomerate, deeply rooted in the UAE’s culture and heritage for over two decades and with an aspiration to be at the center of entrepreneurship. Since its inception in 2002, the development firm has launched several state-of-the-art residential and commercial properties in the UAE market. With its high-quality properties and family-friendly communities, the real estate development arm has established itself as a lifestyle developer of choice within the region. With its unswerving commitment to providing the utmost living standards with real estate innovation and modern communities, it has already delivered over 90 buildings and 1,500 units to satisfied occupants, with many more in the pipeline. Innovation and sustainable construction remain a top priority for Lootah Real Estate Development and the company ensures all its properties are built according to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. For more information, please visit – https://www.lootahdev.com/

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