Sourced solely from more than 900 local farmers to UAE consumers

Sourced solely from more than 900 local farmers to UAE consumers

Silal launches its own fresh produce brand, ‘Silal Fresh’ with the promise of delivering the freshest local produce from farm to shelf within 24 hours

22 November 2021: In line with its continuous efforts to drive the UAE’s long-term sustainability agenda, and within its remit to empower local farmers, Silal, Abu Dhabi’s new fresh produce and agritech company, officially launched the ‘Silal Fresh’ brand. The new consumer focused Silal Fresh brand hit shelves during November, offering consumers across the UAE over 60 varieties of carefully selected local produce.

The move comes as part of Silal’s mandate to enhance the competitiveness of local produce while supporting local farmers, by selling their fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables across UAE markets, which, in turn, increases their income.

Through the launch of Silal Fresh, the company’s ambition is focused on enhancing consumer interest and understanding of local produce. The new brand is deeply rooted in driving a positive perception of local produce and aims to showcase the freshness and quality of local farms. Silal Fresh produce will carry a guarantee of “farm to shelf” within 24 hours whilst enabling UAE consumers to proudly support locally grown produce. The new products will be available in convenient options for consumers.

Silal works with its partner network to drive the distribution of a diversified, high-quality supply. Silal Fresh products are available in all major retail outlets including Carrefour, Lulu, Spinney’s & Abu Dhabi Coop across the emirates, along with several Silal Fresh Stores in Abu Dhabi. Securing availability and support across multiple sales channels will also assist in securing a sustainable and scalable market for local farmers and their fresh produce.

Commenting on the new brand launch, His Excellency Eng. Jamal Salem Al Dhaheri, CEO of Silal, said: “The fruits and vegetables market in the UAE relies heavily on imports, which often travel long distances and are stored for several months, thereby reducing the quality and nutritional benefits of fresh produce. We launched Silal Fresh to offer consumers across the UAE the freshest fruits and vegetables, sustainably grown in Abu Dhabi, by local farmers. Today, we offer our local farmers a brand exclusively for their fresh produce, which they farm and harvest using the latest agritech solutions, helping them reach the wider UAE community. We are proud to showcase the best of the agricultural sector in the emirate and enhance the competitiveness of local fresh produce.”  

Echoing its commitment to offer the best produce to consumers across the UAE, Silal adheres to international practices and standards throughout the farming process until produce is on shelves. Silal preserves the quality of products from the 14 collection centres it operates across Abu Dhabi, to its strict quality control measures at the company’s central distribution centre. From there, and within 24 hours, consumers are assured healthy, nutritious, and fresh local produce on the shelf.


About Silal:

Silal is part of ADQ, one of the region’s largest holding companies with a broad portfolio of major enterprises spanning key sectors of Abu Dhabi’s diversified economy. Silal was established in September 2020 to diversify sources of food products and stimulate local manufactured and agri-food sectors. The company works in line with the Abu Dhabi Government’s directives to promote food supply and distribution in the emirate. Silal’s mandates include empowering the food and agricultural sector and local farmers in Abu Dhabi, as well as managing procurement programmes and strategic stocks of foodstuffs, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA). The company also executes specialised knowledge transfer programmes on desert farming techniques, and devises research and development projects to support the increase in local production of fruits and vegetables for smallholder farmers in the UAE.

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increase in local production of fruits and vegetables for smallholder farmers in the UAE.

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