Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 November 2021: On the occasion of The International Superyacht Summit 2021 to be held on 8th and 9th December on the iconic Queen Elizabeth 2 in Mina Rashid Marina, Fabulous Yachts will invite superyacht Captains on behalf of P&O Marinas and Oceanco to DP World Flow Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai for a cocktail party in honour of their invaluable contribution to the success of the superyacht industry, and particularly their recent inputs in the UAE.

Mr. Hamza Mustafa Chief Operating Officer P & O Marinas

Hamza Mustafa, Chief Operating Officer, P&O Marinas said: “Captains are very important to us and our overall strategy. With this in mind it is our intention to create an attractive environment for captains and crew. We wish these valuable seafarers to feel at home here and will build the facilities needed, including crew lounges, gyms, clubs and other recreational facilities. We also intend to provide the necessary training centres allowing these professionals to maintain certificate validity on site. We aim to create an ecosystem where all categories of the leisure marine sector are happy, and the superyacht Captains make up an important part of this group.”

Paris Baloumis, Group Marketing Manager, Oceanco added: “As a superyacht builder, we highly value the relationships with captains and crew. They deliver the ultimate experience for owners and their guests, which is crucial to the existence of our industry. They also provide us with important feedback on operational matters that helps Oceanco to continue our ongoing process of development to meet the emerging needs of owners. In some senses, we are the two hands that work together to create the best possible experience of yacht ownership. This is why we are delighted to be able to connect with the community of captains and crew in Dubai, where a number of our Oceanco fleet yachts are based and have visited.”

Captain Tony Crabbe, CEO, Fabulous Yachts applauded the appreciative comments of Mustafa and Baloumis and added: “Superyacht Captains are a very important element within the superyacht industry and they often hold the “final vote” in determining, for the owner, a suitable destination or cruising ground. Our local superyacht captains have always been important supporters of the aims of our summit. They have taken an active role in giving us first-hand advice on the areas where we need to encourage change. They have constructively criticised some of the local regulatory frameworks while frequently offering possible solutions. Much of this work has been done through roundtable discussions and by individual reports of actual experiences. We thank all of those captains and hope to continue our close relationship with them.” 

About P&O Marinas

P&O Marinas is a DP World company established to develop world-class locations for the mooring of yachts and the hospitality of their owners, captains, guests and the local residents. After the successful experience of Mina Rashid Marina (Dubai, UAE) where the company offers berths for some of the world’s largest yachts, P&O Marinas extended its management and operations to four marinas in Dubai. Its ongoing focus is to expand and create lifestyle destinations for yachting enthusiasts, local residents and tourists.

About Oceanco

Oceanco is a leading yacht builder of custom yachts up to 160m in length. We apply innovative design and technology to create a true one of a kind yacht that tells the distinctive story of the owners. Building our yachts in a responsible way is key; from improving energy usage to running a responsible business and contributing to society. Our continuous research and development helps to drive the search to develop and apply sustainable technologies for the future. Besides building new yachts, Oceanco’s Life Cycle Support team is equally committed to working with operational yachts to ensure they stay at the top of their game. From regular maintenance, to full-scale refits and lifetime extensions, we offer assurance that your yacht will uphold the highest quality standards, whether she is part of our fleet or new to us. We have three extensive state-of-the-art and ecologically enhanced facilities for these activities. This eco-conscious expansion is one more step in Oceanco’s mission to be one of the world’s most sustainable yacht builders.

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