Burency global launches from Dubai to the world

Burency global launches from Dubai to the world

From the heart of the world Dubai, which is the gateway to the world, Burency global launched the integrated Arab platform in the Middle East three new projects in a distinguished ceremony of its kind held at the Address Fontaine Views Hotel, in the presence of distinguished personalities, media professionals and social media influencers, including a wonderful show on the Burj Khalifa .

The ceremony also included the speech of the founder and CEO, Mr. Mohamed Mazen Abdel Salam, who talked about the three projects of Burency, which will go in line with the digital currency revolution, as it will provide the Arab investor with all available options to keep pace with the accelerating global digital development.

Cal Evans, who was named Best Crypto Lawyer of 2021 at the 2021 Global Blockchain Summit in Dubai, and Adrian Zudonge, CEO of Birb Nest Brand, also spoke about the importance of blockchain projects, their development, and graphical analytics for the crypto currency world.

Burency projects are summarized in the beginning with a platform for trading digital currencies that continuously develops itself to keep pace with global platforms, in addition to mining farms for mining Bitcoin. Its eyes are to be the owner of the largest Arab mining farm in the world to produce Bitcoin, and with the presence of the Blockchain Development Center as its third project, which in turn will provide consultations related to the Blockchain service to individuals and institutions after government and private agencies have become more interested in them. Agreements will be announced during the coming period between Burency and a number of institutions.

From the beginning, it set its vision to be the strongest Arab name in the world of crypto currency and the name that every Arab is proud

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