Local Start-Ups Acquire Investment Opportunities to Enter the World of Business

Local Start-Ups Acquire Investment Opportunities to Enter the World of Business

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17th November 2021: “Aqdar Bootcamp” an initiative launched by GADHA Foundation has recently enabled 10 innovative projects established by young Emirati talents to enter the business market, during the latest edition of “Aqdar World Summit” which concluded recently.

This initiative, launched by “GADHA Foundation”, a leading national institution that aims to empower and train young entrepreneurs by providing workshops, training courses, and individuals or companies consultations from various sectors using a multi-talented group of experts in the field of youth empowerment which comes in line with the United Arab Emirates vision for upcoming 50 years.

Emphasizing on the robust UAE economy direction which focuses on supporting and strengthening the private sector by motivating younger generations to create a group of entrepreneurs and businessmen who work on establishing a bright future for the country’s economy, and to maintain the futuristic vision of innovation and sustainability, GADHA Foundation and through “Aqdar Bootcamp” refined creative ideas and innovations while transforming them into real and competitive projects.

Through the boot camp, and for an entire month, the foundation provided 30 hours of extensive training to 10 outstanding ideas that were chosen from 73 others submitted by more than 100 individuals. The shortlisted projects were trained to acquire the needed traits in order to manage their own future project and scout new investors.

Commenting on the occasion, Eng. Khaled Al Attar, Chairman of GADHA Foundation said: “GADHA is pleased to announce that 10 project owners have received the full support needed to initiate their journey of proficiency. It was a tough competition, especially at the beginning as we felt that the majority of the projects deserved to be qualified but we are certain that we made the right choice by choosing the worthiest projects. We wish the best to all of the owners and we look forward to seeing their success in the industry.”

“Our goal at GADHA is to fully support the younger generation, as they are the future of the UAE. I am delighted to announce that the 10 qualified owners at “Aqdar Bootcamp” managed to collect the necessary investments that will enable them to start their projects, which transformed their thoughts into a pathway for building their businesses all thanks to them and the support we provided.” He added.

The supported start-ups were able to register their companies and start carrying out economic initiatives due to the generous support of Ajman Free Zone and Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (DTEC). Four of these companies have already received investment offers from different companies as well.

“Here in the UAE, we have many young talents who are striving to start sustainable projects, but lack the right guidance and opportunity to present their ground-breaking ideas that we hope would reach an international level.” He added.

Those initiatives and projects aim to enhance the country’s competitive digital economy and create a sustainable environment that supports advanced technologies at a time when the UAE is achieving global records in this sector, especially after being ranked among the best countries in the world for digital transformation.


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