Pulse 95 Radio connects SIBF 2021’s top literary guests with listeners across the nation

Pulse 95 Radio connects SIBF 2021’s top literary guests
with listeners across the nation

Listeners are tuning into Pulse 95 LIVE from SIBF 2021, a daily dedicated show bringing comprehensive coverage of the book fairs activities including exclusive interviews with Authors  

Sharjah, 10 November 2021

Pulse 95 Radio – Sharjah’s first and only English language radio channel – is airing all the fun and excitement from the 40th Sharjah International Book Fair to its UAE audiences.

Dubbed ‘The Heart of Sharjah,’ the broadcaster’s daily coverage of the world’s largest book fair themed, ‘There’s always a right book’, includes live broadcasts, special reports and interviews with authors, VIPs, visitors and senior SIBF officials, besides a dedicated show called “Pulse 95 LIVE from SIBF 2021”.

Interacting with top literary figures and celebrities has remained one of the biggest perks of covering the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) over the years for presenters of Pulse 95 Radio, an affiliate of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority (SBA).

“Two years ago, I interviewed Priyanka Chopra and this year we have spoken to Chetan Bhagat, political thriller writer, Kathleen Antrim, as well as British comedian/author Tony Hawks,” said Abdul Karim Hanif, presenter of the regular Morning Majlis show aired on weekdays.

He who also interviewed celebrity chefs Judy Joo from South Korea and Malaysian Sherson Lian who are this edition’s Cookery Corner guests.

“It was wonderful to be inspired by young authors who are showcasing their work and love for writing, such as the 13-year-old Kande Summers who launched her debut novel Going Home: Diary of a Teenage Alien last year at the height of Covid-19 pandemic,” added Hanif while referring to other famous guests like American-Indian celebrity life coach Jay Shetty, who should be appearing on the radio’s special show this weekend.

Last week, Pulse 95 hosted this year’s Nobel winner for Literature, Abdulrazak Gurnah. In a special interview with presenter Ahmad Dawud on the ‘Pulse 95 LIVE from SIBF 2021’ show, Gurnah explained how ideas are first born in your mind from your thoughts and experiences before they translate into an award-winning book.

“My interview with Nobel laureate Abdulrazak Gurnah is an experience I’ll never forget. He’s a writer I have admired for years, since I came across his work in a university course on post-colonial literature. I remember poring over his novel, Paradise, marveling at the language and writing endless notes in the book’s margins. Listening to him describe the process of composing his rich, moving novels gave me a new appreciation for his work and for literature as an art form.” Ahmad said about his interview with the Tanzanian-born author.

Alyaa Al Nuaimi also co-host of the dedicated show said: “The book fair is very exciting and interactive. We have interviewed more than 20 well-known authors most notably for me as I admire Asian culture – was Judy Joo; celebrity chef, author and host of Food Network’s Korean Food Made Simple. Her talk was a real eye opener on how healthy food not only impacts our physical health, but mental wellbeing too”.

Pulse 95 Radio is also hosting on its dedicated show discussions on various genres available at the fair, the preference for books and genres, and in a special segment invited SIBF visitors to share details of the books they were currently reading.

The radio station’s comprehensive coverage of the remarkable annual cultural event updates listeners with details of SIBF’s daily virtual cultural sessions, and other events and activities at the Expo Centre Sharjah.

To keep pace with the activities of the book fair, organised by the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), tune in to their dedicated show called “Pulse 95 LIVE from SIBF 2021” being aired live from Expo Centre Sharjah, 12–2pm on weekdays and from 5–6pm on weekends, until November 13.


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