Born out of love for soulful artistry, RBKB is the latest sustainable store to join Dubai Design Week

Born out of love for soulful artistry, RBKB is the latest sustainable store to join Dubai Design Week

10 November 2021, UAE: Short for a Room, a Bathroom, a Kitchen, and a Balcony, RBKB is Dubai’s latest online concept-store to participate at Dubai Design Week in collaboration with Jarra, displaying one-of-a-kind, feel-good artifacts by Lebanese artisans, across an array of handmade, hand blown, and sustainable products.

Visitors to Dubai Design Week can check out the pop-up store at the Lebanese Market Place, on 12 and 13 November.

Having launched in 2020, RBKB was born from inspirational journeys as a solution to issues revolving around the Lebanese economic collapse, the aftermath of the Beirut explosion, and its people being away from home. The works presented are produced out of admiration for stunning places and heartful creativity with every product telling a unique story through passion, talent, and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Over the past year, RBKB has curated over 12 collections from different Lebanese artists & artisans, including local waste management engineer Ziad Abi Chaker with his hand-blown recycled glass collection, product designer Maya Safi with her Elias olive spoon, and Nadine Helwi with her handwoven basket collection. Handmade and recyclable, these unique collections encompass the roots of Lebanon’s transformation, culture, and opportunities.

“RBKB is excited to share the inspirational tales of Lebanese artists and culture at Dubai Design Week. From glassware to pottery and fashion, our variety of products and artifacts are born from real-life situations that artists have witnessed in their lifetime, creating a space for people to observe beauty amidst the chaos,” said Pascale Farra, Founder of RBKB.

“RBKB is a concept-store that is more than just showcasing artifacts. It’s about the story we are trying to tell through these products, especially through my journey around Lebanon to discover these works and people. As we look at the great pain that Lebanon has gone through, collaborating with Lebanese artisans, and bringing their artworks to an international platform like Dubai, plays a key role in what we want to showcase.”

Ziad Abi Chaker’s Recycled Glassware Collection (GGRIL) focuses on supporting Lebanon’s current environmental catastrophe by supporting local industries, including the ancient art of glassblowing. Whereas his Terracotta collection is a beautiful collaboration between GGRIL and the potters of Rachaya, a small town in Lebanon dedicated to keeping the art of pottery alive, providing opportunities for Rachayan artists.

In addition, Maya Safi Design Studio produced an eye-grabbing product, the Elias Spoon. The spoon is purely hand carved, made from Lebanon’s olive tree wood after the pruning season, and is designed to scoop out olives from the jar without getting any oil.

RBKB has also partnered with Phenomenal Women, a platform that provides female survivors of gender violence exposure to opportunities in the professional world. This includes the chance to secure professional jobs, training, and become financially independent in society. Recently, the platform has created a fashion line using the tie-dye and batik techniques, all available at RBKB. 

Visitors can stop by the Lebanese Market Place at Dubai Design Week to smell, touch, and feel RBKB’s current collections. In addition, the concept-store offers same day delivery across the UAE for last minute shoppers or gift buyers.  

For more information on RBKB, please visit:


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