Kids introduced to teamwork through fun algorithms at SIBF 2021

Kids introduced to teamwork through fun algorithms at SIBF 2021

Young schoolers get creative and competitive building paper cup towers at
the 40th Sharjah International Book Fair

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Sharjah, November 7, 2021

Numerous young students had fun learning new skills and broadening their creative horizons at the ‘Hidden Algorithms’ workshop, at the 40th Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF), which runs until November 13 and carries the theme ‘There’s always a right book’.

At the workshop, which is one amongst the dozens this milestone edition of SIBF is hosting to stimulate young minds, encourage critical thinking and foster innovation, attendees took on various timed challenges – from closing as many pen caps as possible with hands behind their backs within 60 seconds, building towers as tall as they possibly could with paper cups and plates, and other team-based tasks, which highlighted to them the key role teamwork plays in attaining success. All in an atmosphere of fun.

The paper cup tower challenge turned out to be a participant favourite, and the two opposing teams in a spirit of healthy competition wouldn’t shy away even from climbing the chairs and desks at the workshop to make their towers soar higher than that of their opponent’s.

Nour Cojan, the workshop presenter noted: “The key intention behind these challenge- and teamwork-inducing activities is to motivate our children and youth to not only sharpen their brains, but to also learn how to work together. Teamwork is a critical life-skill, which has driven humans towards success for centuries, and its importance cannot be overstated. Today’s workshop created an opportunity for attendees to gauge, react to and work with fellow members of their group. These learnings will take them a long way.”

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– Images during the workshop

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