Jani Viswanath presents a copy of her book ‘Echoes of Light’ to Mr. Mazhar Farooqui, senior editor- Khaleej Times…..

Inspiring Collection of Short Stories and Poetry Shares Messages of Love,Compassion and Hope

Jani Viswanath presents a copy of her book ‘Echoes of Light’ to Mr. Mazhar Farooqui, senior editor- Khaleej Times at the Sharjah International Book Fair.

The book is the first to be released simultaneously in English and in Braille (for the visually impaired).

Author and Humanitarian Jani Viswanath reflects on the simple basic requirements of happiness and how one can attain that happiness in ‘Echoes of Light’
DUBAI – Life can come with times of uncertainty, and it can be challenging to see the world’s beauty during dark times. In Jani Viswanath’s new book, “Echoes of Light,” she shares short stories and poems that focus on the importance of kindness, hope, redemption, compassion and joy. Readers will see how important it is to embrace their lives and discover the world of generosity, inspiration and warmth that may have been forgotten in their fast-paced worlds.

“Echoes of Light” shares rare and inspiring stories that will warm the spirit and uplift readers as they appreciate a world woven with messages of love, compassion and hope.

Throughout the book, readers willrediscover a world of true inspiration, generosity and the simple requirements for happiness. Each story andpoem illuminate messages of the joy of giving, redemption and kindness. Viswanath incorporates her travelswithin the pages by reflecting on individuals she met and the stories that they told.
“My goal for my book is to remind readers to slow down and live in the moment while cherishing things thatare relevant and important in this temporary time we have on Earth,” said Viswanath. “Each story and poemreflect so much that has been forgotten and the humanity we long to rediscover.”
The book touches on the myriad emotions of the human fabric. The author highlights the healing power ofpositive energy and how to achieve happiness. The stories throughout the book will motivate young adults toembrace the power of hope and to encourage humanity to live in a kinder world by living in every moment.
Ultimately, “Echoes of Light” shares the fundamental thread that binds society with love. By the end of thecollection, readers will realize that happiness is not something to chase but is found from within.
“Echoes of Light”
By Jani Viswanath
ISBN: 978-1-5437-0775-5 (softcover); 978-1-5437-0776-2 (hardcover); 978-1-5437-0774-8 (eBook)
Available at Amazon / kindle,Barnes & Noble, Jashanmal books and all leading bookstores in the UAE. Echoes of lights is also available in audiobook format.

About the author
Jani Viswanath was born to a South Indian Brahmin family in Coimbatore, India. She spent her childhood inAfghanistan. As a daughter of an educationist and diplomat, her exposure to multiple cultures and countrieshas shaped her personal growth and artistic sentiments. Viswanath is multi-lingual and fluent in 6 languages.
She has a Ph.D. in management and brand analysis. Viswanath spent almost 2 decades of a successfulcorporate career in brand development, buying and retail that took her on extensive travels worldwide.
These travels had a profound impact on her internal growth. She moved to the middle east, working withlarge retail brands, and finally decided to give up corporate life and founded the NGO HEALING LIVES. She hasrecently published her new book, “Echoes of Light,” which reflects her travels, people she met and the storiesshe heard. Viswanath is also working in film production and has released several niche films focusing on a socialmessage relevant to society and has won several awards.

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