Expo 2020 Dubai impact: Construction shifts to sustainability, agility and modularity

Expo 2020 Dubai impact: Construction shifts to sustainability, agility and modularity

Emerging trends in construction showcased in projects such as the Canada pavilion

Dubai, October 28, 2021:With its “Connecting minds, creating the future” motto, Expo 2020 is inspiring a future focused on sustainability, opportunity, and mobility. In the construction sector, in particular, emerging trends as seen at Expo 2020 Dubai could have a long-lasting impact on the industry.AMANA, the leading regional design-build contractor, has a bold, digitallydriven strategy to leverage these emerging trends.

Working with their client GAC/PMC EllisDon and Canadian architecture firm, Moriyama & Teshima, for the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, AMANA as a design-build contractor coordinated different scopes and operational systems with several other companies involved in the project, including the architect of record U+A Architects, Lord Cultural Resources, digital media consultant NGX, exhibition contractor Kubik, structural consultant Thornton Tomasetti, acoustic consultant Valcoustics, and MEP consultant Hatch. The Pavilion is designed and operated to welcome approximately 12,000 visitors daily over the six months of operations.

Joe Labaky, Managing Director of UAE and Emerging Markets, AMANA Contracting Group, said: “The journey to get here has not been without its challenges: including a global pandemic, supply chain issues, increasing prices of construction materials and resourcing issues. Expo 2020 Dubaihas reinforced the need for the industry to invest in digital transformation and sustainable technologies to future-proof their businesses. AMANA’s agility, digital expertise and fast-track building capabilities stood us in good stead, enabling project delivery on time. As design build contractor for the Canada pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, it is an exciting time to see AMANA’s capabilities showcased at this world-class event.”

AMANApredicts Expo 2020 Dubai will shape the region’s construction sector in many direct and indirect ways.

Leaning into sustainability: Sustainability is a core theme of Expo 2020 Dubai, reflected in the design and construction of its pavilions. Across the GCC, the construction industry is moving to reduce carbon emissions to comply with building codes, amidst surging demand for solar energy, greener and smarter buildings. For AMANA, sustainability has been a key business goal, achieved through digital tools, standardised manufacturing techniques and processes in construction. The company is strengthening its solar and energy efficiency business to further support the region’s green agenda.

For the Canada Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, AMANAapplied several best practices in sustainable design to the construction. After the Expo ends in March 2022, the Canadian pavilion material will be recycled or repurposed locally for future projects. Most of the finishes at the pavilion are made of recycled content, the flooring is made from polished concrete (recyclable content) and internal finishes made from gypsum partitions, among others.

Driving demand for modular construction:As the Expo 2020 Dubai projects raced to completion amidst unprecedented challenges, modular construction techniques emerged as a viable solution. Modular construction offers a safer building environment, potentially reducing material waste by up to 30 percent and improving work safety by up to 70 percent, as compared to traditional construction. DuPod, an AMANA company, is an innovative modular construction concept that manufactures superior quality utility, wellness, retail, and living pods. DuPod offers a multitude of intelligent modular solutions for developers, architects, and contractors across key markets in the region.

Rejuvenating real estate: Expo 2020 Dubai has rejuvenated the UAE’s real estate sector, and the benefits are expected to cascade to all segments of the economy. Expo 2020 Dubai’s legacy infrastructure is expected to support thriving communities, in line with the UAE’s ambitious plans for socio-economic growth over the next 50 years, and new relaxed investment and residency regulations.On the back of these developments, demand for various real estate products, including residential housing, hospitality and schools is expected to increase. With its expertise in modular technology, AMANA is well equipped to deliver certainty, quality and economy for these projects, in the most sustainable way.


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