Flexo Fix is building the Middle East’s first-ever all-encompassing wellness eco-system brand

Flexo Fix is building the Middle East’s first-ever all-encompassing wellness eco-system brand.

Karl Dariane, Founder & CEO of Flexo Fix, reveals plans to launch the Middle East’s first and only one-stop-shop wellness centre, offering nutritional plans, muscular health services, alignment support, emotional guidance and much more.

Dubai (September 2021): Karl Dariane, the founder of the first flexology studio in the Middle East, Flexo Fix, has experienced such tremendous success that the time to build his vision has finally arrived. Flexo Fix will be expanding into an all-encompassing wellness centre as a natural next step. Knowledge, caring, and experience will bring to life the core principles of Flexo Fix’s existing model and build upon this to create the region go-to centre for all physical and mental balance wellbeing needs.

With an evolving team and a brand new concept being brought to the region, Flexo Fix aims to revolutionise the wellbeing sector and physical health. Their unique and innovative approach and their caring team of experts will bring something entirely new and unconventional.

Flexo Fix will provide all members with a three base program including self-body awareness, conscious practice and enjoyable treatments. Still, most importantly, all the programs will be guided by a caring sponsor. Together, the team will assist individuals from across the Middle East to unlock their bodies full potential and discover, reconnect or sustain a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Karl comment “My different life experiences in sports and hospitality, combined with my caring personality, have always sparked this vision; now is the time. I have a handful of medical experts and therapists that will be part of this project. I don’t come from a medical background. Still, I have the necessary experience in sports and Flexology that brings to my attention the need for a hospitality centre that offers members an opportunity to gain control in their body-mind relationship and help them achieve that lifestyle they are pursuing. Our main objective is to be the companion and services provide for everyone that believes they can reach a higher body potential or is looking to gain the control of their body lifestyle.”

The team will offer valuable and accessible services to all people, whether young, old, pregnant, physically injured, an athlete, or if you want to lose some weight; their adaptable and knowledgeable services work for everyone. “We will be providing treatments, medical advice and coaching all under one roof, ensuring our members are successfully achieving their program milestones.” adds Dariane.

In a post-pandemic world, more and more people are paying close attention to their physical health, and Flexo Fix is here to offer remarkable guidance and treatments.

https://flexofix.co IG @flexo.fix


Karl created the concept of Flexo Fix to aid people in remedying the severe mental and physical disconnection created by the lack of self-body-awareness, impersonal programs practice and unhumanising the authentic experience in the balance recovery journey.

Through Karl’s life, experience, and professional journey, he has noticed that most people suffering injuries or unbalance body relations result from a missing control and/or unhealthy body-mind relationship. That’s why Flexo Fix has always aimed to help and support members achieve their full potential through knowledge, experience, and practice.

Flexo Fix journey is to provide a support system for members looking to prevent, regain or discover a body balance and full potential through a meaningful and knowledgeable environment and program. The caring centre will offer a variety of experienced professionals from various backgrounds across numerous different fields.

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