Celebrate the world coming together with Marks and Spencer’s global flavours

Celebrate the world coming together with Marks and Spencer’s global flavours

Experience a deliciously diverseculinary journey from the comfort of your own kitchen

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 11October 2021:To celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated Expo 2020 Dubai, leading British retailer, Marks and Spencer operated by Al-Futtaim Group marks the world coming togetherthrough the universal joyof food! Inspiring customers to discover cuisines from India to Italy, China to Mexico and the UK, Marks and Spencer’s extensive food selection allows foodies to enjoy flavours from across the globe, in the comfort of their own kitchen.

Famously known as the home of spices, no country produces as many unique and intriguing flavours as India.Each dish has something to tickle the tastebuds; from Spicy Mango Chutney, a garam masala spice blend served alongside poppadoms, toTikka Masala.Behind every dish is a plate laden with Basmati Ricepaired with softNaan, a hand-shaped flatbread flame-baked in a tandoor-style ovenand a cooling combination of chopped cucumbers and chilled yoghurt.

For those craving flavours of the Far East, Marks & Spencer has the perfect selection of ingredients to help you prepare an unforgettable Chinese dish from Sichuanese Kung Pao Chicken to Cantonese roast duck. Ditch takeout and opt forDIY withpantry staples like Soy Sauce, Stir Fry Vegetables, and Fine Egg Noodles. Pair with the popularhand-rolled crisp pastry, Spring Rollsfilled with oriental vegetables,or enjoy them as a solo snack paired with Sweet Chilli Sauceoffering the perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavours.

Italian food has captivated tastebuds around the globe for centuries, thanks to its simplicity and ease,making Italian dishes like pasta and pizza a go-to weeknight dinner option. Treat yourself to ahuge bowl of the classic crowd-pleasing comfort food, witha traditional firery, Arrabiata Sauce, a slow cooked Italian Soffritto Base finished with Spicy Calabrian Chillies accompanied by fresh tomatoes, basil andEgg Tagilatelle or Tricolore Spaghetti,made from The Felicetti family’s pasta, specially selected durum wheat semolina and Alpine spring water crafted in the Italian Alps.Top it off with Italian herb seasoning which is a blend of dried herbs and red bell pepper flakes to sprinkle in sauces for a fresh, herby flavour and buonappetito…dinner’s all set!

Hungry for Mexican?Nothing beats anauthentic Mexican feast extravaganza using ingredients from Marks and Spencer. Gather your amigos and prepare a mouth-watering banquet. Whip up a creamy bowl of guacamole with fresh avocados,and place alongside a smokyred salsa and fajita spice mixfor that kick of sweetness, smoke and spice all encased in soft tacosmade from perfectly soft flour tortillas and it’sa guaranteed fiesta in your mouth.

We arrive at the home ofheartydishes;the United Kingdom is best known for its comfortingSunday roastscomprised oftender and juicy roast beef joint from New Zealand Farmswith mashed potatoesand carrotsnestled alongside a stack of traditional Yorkshire puddings ready to be drenched in a moreishgravy.A true staple, the simplest of ingredientscome togetherto create a powerhouse of flavour.

Expo 2020 celebrates the world coming, andthere is no better way than celebrating though a shared love of food. Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or a Sunday Roast, customers can discover the world through food when they shop at Marks and Spencer.

  Spicy Mango Chutney AED 16    Tikka Masala Curry Sauce AED 18  2 Plain Naan AED 16
  Fine Egg Noodles AED 10    Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce AED 16  Beef Roasted Joint AED80  
  Frozen Yorkshire Pudding AED 15    Tri Colore Spaghetti AED 15      Avocado 1KG AED 32

For more information contact:

Rachel Mansour – Impact Porter Novelli | rachel.mansour@ipn.ae

| 971 50 289 130

About Al-Futtaim

Established in the 1930s as a trading business, Al-Futtaim today is one of the most diversified and progressive, privately held regional businesses headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Structured into five operating divisions; automotive, financial services, real estate, retail and health; employing more than 33,000 employees across more than 20 countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, we partner with over 200 of the world’s most admired and innovative brands.

Al-Futtaim’s entrepreneurship and relentless customer focus enables the organisation to continue to grow and expand; responding to the changing needs of our customers within the societies in which we operate.

By upholding our values of respect, excellence, collaboration, integrity; Al-Futtaim continues to enrich the lives and aspirations of our customers each and every day. For more information visit: www.alfuttaim.com.

About Marks & Spencer

Operated by the Al-Futtaim Group since 1997, the Marks & Spencer Al-Futtaim franchise partnership boasts 85 stores located across MENA and Asia, selling high quality, and great value clothing, beauty, home, and food. Established in 1884, Marks & Spencer is one of the UK’s leading retailers, with over 137 years of British heritage and pride in being special and different. Marks & Spencer ensure that 100% of its cotton for clothing is now more responsibly sourced, working in partnership with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) for over 10 years. In addition, Marks & Spencer use Fairtrade, organic and recycled cotton in its clothing. Whilst for its food range, Marks & Spencer has been leading standards across the industry, including becoming the first retailer to sell 100% free-range eggs. Marks & Spencer have strong heritage of sourcing with integrity and ensure its products are good quality, great value and responsibly sourced to meet its customers’ expectations. For more information on Marks & Spencer please visit www.marksandspencerme.com

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