29 September 2021The 14th edition of the Women’s Show online with the theme “Expo 2020: Awareness & Happiness”also important topics were discussed: How do I prepare for a heart catherization?  Boosting children’s immunity and a lot more. The event was successfully aired LIVE on various Facebook pages, thousands of viewers watched and interacted during the entire program. The event was streamed on Star FM Radio Facebook page and hosted by Ms. Rania Younes.

H.H. Dr. SheikhaShammaBint Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyaninitiated the event by a welcoming speech highlighting the opening of the Expo 2020 in Dubai. Her Highness reiterated that everyone is anticipating the biggest event worldwide happening in Dubai. It showed the world the UAE leadership in battling successfully against Covid 19 and has gained the trust of all the international countries participating. “I would like to thank Rima for her continued advocacy in spreading health awareness to the community” her highness Sheikha added.

Rima Sayegh Janho the CEO and founder of the Women’s Show in her opening remarks said that tonight’s show is dedicated for the opening of the Expo 2020.

“At expo 2020, when the world comes together, we create a better tomorrow. This huge exhibition ever in the world will have duration of 6 months and expected to have 25,000 visitors from all various nations. Meeting people, new opportunities, making our world brighter, a global stage for business, latest pavilions revealed, enjoy immersive cultural experiences and a lot of whole new revelations”.

Musical artist celebrity, Ms. Lena Chamamyan, serenaded the crowd with her captivating voice by performing a lovely acapella song.

Some informative and relevant health talks followed:

Pediatrician Specialist Dr.Basma Khalil discussed on the importance of kids immunity as they go back to school, the change of the weather and covid19.

Dr. Basma elaborated on the factors that affect children’s immunity, how to boost it, the role of proper nutrition and the benefits of milk that contains HMO (human milk oligosaccharide) for children especially those who are in contact with the environment.

Consultant interventional cardiologist from Medeor 24/7 Hospital, Dr. YounesAltaia elaborated on performing a cardiac catherization, the preparation for the procedure, what happens during the catherization, the installing of the stent and the possible problems that would occur during the procedure.

Dr. Ramzi Alameddine an Orbit and Oculo-facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon explained what is Ptosis in the eye. He discussed what exactly isoculo facial plastic surgery, how the eyelid ptosis affects the vision,what is pseudo ptosis and what kind of surgery involved.

Specialist plastic surgeon, Dr. Dany Kayle explained the topic on lasers & fillers. He shared some guidance on what questions should we ask our plastic surgeon, the procedure and efficiency of natural fat filling and laser treatment for wrinkles

A lot of exciting valuable raffle prizes was given to lucky live audience winners. The Retreat Palm Dubai gave away complimentary VIP dinners and introduced their new promotion:Prepared by wellness chefs at Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel, the only 5-star wellness resort in the region, Rayya Nutri healthy meals are delivered daily to your doorstep. Order at to enjoy fresh daily meals with your family.’

The event wrapped up by a lovely interview with Nina (classical musician) and she played her flute with a melodious relaxing sound.

It was yet another successful online event, thanks to all the sponsors and partners who took part: Abbott Laboratories (Similac Gain Gold), Medeor 24/7 Hospital, The Retreat Palm Dubai, Grandstores, Star FM, Dr. Dany Kayle clinic.

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