F&B Sustainability : Art of Dum and Funun Arts are Coming Together – For a good cause!

F&B Sustainability : Art of Dum and Funun Arts are Coming Together – For a good cause!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Art of Dum and Funun Arts are collaborating for a sustainability campaign. The collaboration with the famous art group Funun Arts aims to spread the message of recycle and reuse by showing various creative ways to repurpose Art of Dum’s premium reusable packaging.

#RecyclewithAOD x Funun Arts

Art of Dum is a well-known name in the cloud kitchen space. It is known and appreciated for its premium reusable packaging. The F&B brand, from the house of Foodlink, uses glass jars, glass bottles and clay handis for its packaging to reinforce two significant brand promises: sustainability and an elevated in-home dining experience.

Funun Arts will be sharing a few ideas every week on their social platforms @fununartsgroup on how one can reuse Art of Dum bottles, jars and handis in different creative ways and invite its followers to participate in the campaign. 
Those who follow their tips and share their own photos of recycled art stand a chance to win prizes from Art of Dum @artofdumdubai in the form of food vouchers every week. 
With this collaboration Art of Dum aims to create awareness about sustainable practices and encourage it’s customers to reuse their packaging in creative ways.  
Farah Khan, Co-founder of Funun Arts says, “Equip people with the right knowledge. People need to know both why an action is important and how to do it. People are often hesitant to do something that’s unfamiliar, so being able to try new actions out in a small way can be reassuring. We always try new and artistic ways to reuse whatever we can, whether it is plastic tubs of yogurt, glass jars of honey or even the empty carton boxes & up-cycling them to terrariums, planters, Magazine or newspaper holders & much more.  

Shiba Khan, Co-founder of Funun Arts says, “We, as Funun Arts, would love to spread this message of 3R’s: recycle, reuse, reduce. Art of Dum has started a great initiative by using the clay pots, glass jars & steel spoons. We really appreciate it. Stay connected to check how we are going to create a piece of art out of their containers.”

About Art of Dum

Art of Dum is a premium cloud kitchen brand that follows the traditional ‘Dum Pukht’ style of slow cooking. This style of cooking takes hours of preparation, hence challenging the modern-day norm of ready to eat food that is prevalent in the cloud kitchen space. Art of Dum offers a traditional and healthier alternative with Dum Pukht dishes cooking in sealed clay pots, that keeps the flavours, taste as well as the nutrition of the food intact. The menu includes succulent melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, fragrant biryanis, luscious gravies, wholesome rolls and indulgent sweet dishes.

About Funun Arts

Funun Arts is a non-profit platform founded in 2016 by Khan sisters, Shiba and Farah, to allow artists to exhibit their talents in an affordable space and allow them the freedom to enhance their creativity. Funun Arts have been widely appreciated for their initiatives for a better society. They have been engaged in offering a helping hand to those in need. Today, more than 400 multinational artists are part of this art community.

They are creating different types of workshops, live painting sessions, artists, people from different walks of life, students of determination, and children.

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