Ajman Tourism organizes the Masfout Mountain Bike Challenge

Ajman Tourism organizes the Masfout Mountain Bike Challenge

Saud Aljasmi: The importance of this event lies in highlighting the unique touristic features of Masfout

Ajman, 8 October 2021

The Ajman Tourism Development Department concluded today the Masfout Mountain Bike Challenge which took place between the mountains of Masfout, with the participation of many amateurs and professionals, led by the UAE National Road Race Team Captain and Asian Champion, Yousif Mirza.

This event was held in collaboration with “Endurance Sports Services”, and comes as part of Ajman’s sporting agenda that aims to promote and support sports and healthy lifestyle.

The organization of the Masfout Mountain Bike Challenge is in line with ATDD’s plan to boost and diversify the programs it endorses, continuously promote the importance of community sports and spread its culture, establish sports as an ideal lifestyle among citizens, in addition to improving the diversity of the tourism products in Ajman, while also focusing on sports tourism as a stable catalyst capable of attracting visitors to the emirate and its surrounding areas, highlighting its captivating landmarks, and continue promoting it as a regional and international touristic destination. and highlighting the areas and landmarks across the emirate as ideal destinations for both local and international tourists.

Ajman Tourism also aims by organizing the Masfout Mountain Bike Challenge to highlight the emirate of Ajman as a distinguished destination for sports tourism and promote its position on the local and global tourism map, since Masfout is considered as Ajman’s hidden gem known among locals for its high elevation in comparison with other surrounding cities, its famous rocky mountains, and its picturesque natural sceneries suitable for picnics and family gatherings.

The Masfout wilderness is considered as a convenient place for mountain bikers and nature lovers, and its geographical location facilitates access to it via several roads such as Dubai-Hatta road and Sharjah-Kalba road.

All race winners, including the 34.5 km, 23 km, and virtual races were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Saud Aljasmi, Director of Events Department at the Ajman Tourism Development in Ajman, stated that the department highly values the motorbike sports due to its growing popularity, and its role in boosting the tourism activity in the emirate. The department also seeks from organizing this challenge to diversify its programs and activities, which contributes in increasing trust in the tourism products the emirate has to offer to its visitors.

Aljasmi added that the Masfout Mountain Bike Challenge ensures Ajman Tourism’s interest in promoting various regions and destinations across the emirate, and enhancing its position as an attractive touristic landmark, in addition to portraying the unique touristic features of Masfout in order to promote new recreational and cultural areas, which contributes in stimulating all of the vital sectors in the emirate.

All Covid-19 precautionary measures set by ATDD have been implemented throughout the challenge, where all contestants are required to submit a negative PCR test.

This event was held under the sponsorship and support of Ajman Media City Free Zone, Municipality and Planning Department – Masfout, Happiest Nation Volunteering Team, Pocari Sweat, Sharjah Triathlon Team, UAE Cycling Federation, Ajman Police, and the Saudi German Hospital – Ajman as medical sponsor.

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  1. Masfout Mountain Bike Challenge race
  2. Saud Aljasmi, Director of Events Department at the Ajman Tourism Development in Ajman

About Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD)

Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) aims to promote the touristic attractions across the emirate, and shedding light on the unique elements that Ajman has to offer as one of the leading travel destinations in the UAE.

The department works on developing strategies to improve local, regional, and international tourism in the emirate through planning and implementing global campaigns for tourism promotion, organizing and participating in conferences and exhibitions, regulating and developing the tourism industry, and improving the capacities and services of the tourism facilities and businesses operating in the emirate.

Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) is responsible for setting regulations and legislations required to organize the tourism sector in the emirate, finding the appropriate tourism standards and services provided to tourists, and issuing licenses for travel and tourism agencies and administering their efficiency.

For more information, please visithttps://ajman.travel/ar-ajmantourism/

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