Swisslog wins award for Best Warehouse Facility/Firm of the Year …..

Swisslog wins award for Best Warehouse Facility/Firm of the Year at Logistics & Transport Awards 2021 by Logistics News Middle East

The organization was recognized for automating the warehousingand fulfillment center for RoboStores, the luxuryfashion retailer supply chain

Dubai, UAE, 04October 2021Swisslog, the global leader in robotic, data-driven and flexible automated solutions today announced that it has won an award for the Best Warehousing Facility/Firm of the year for automating the fulfilment operation for one if its local customers RoboStores. The warehouse strategically located in Al Quoz in the heart of Dubai implemented an automated storage and retrieval system for small parts utilising the AutoStore by Swisslog with the Swisslog SynQ Software. The solution offers maximumstorage capacity, flexibility and scalabilityfor today’s warehouse.

RoboStores manages and operates an automated warehousingand fulfillment center that runs anextensive, dynamic, global supply chain toserve retail customers such as Maison-B-More. The organization is well known for storing more than60 designer labels from across the worldincluding Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli,Dirk Bikkembergs, Philipp Plein, Iceberg,ESCALES Paris and many more. The Dubai based automated warehousing and fulfillment center provides custom solutions for various scales of e-commerce businesses and is recognized for setting industrybenchmarks for efficiency, quality, andperformance.

The company has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the past couple of years, however, the surge in customer orders placed anincreased amount of pressure on staffto maintain the same level of speed andaccuracy in the picking process. Faced with limited space and increasinginventory, RoboStores needed a way tostandardize day-to-day picking across thewarehouse, while ensuring high levels ofsecurity, flexibility, and efficiency.

Commenting on the win, Aziz Al Harbi, COO of RoboStores, said “With thecomplexities of the supply managementchain, we needed a sophisticated automated warehouse solution that could match the reputation of our brand and help us increase the bottom line. After reviewing dozens of potential options, Swisslog’s technology came out as a clear winner. We are thrilled to have won this feat and will continue to implement technology solutions that could help us innovate and achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction.”

The AutoStore warehouse solutionimplemented by Swisslog Middle East within just 8 months is a unique and simplesolution that is composed of a structuralgrid, delivery robots and storage binsto quickly process small parts orders. Itprovides better use of available space thanany other automated system thanks to itsunique design that enables direct stackingof bins on top of each other and storage ofmultiple SKUs in a single bin.

David Dronfield, General Manager, Swisslog Middle East, commented, “Consumers today have rapidly changing needs and organizations must be ready to quickly respond even in the most challenging of business environments. We are thrilled to have supported RoboStores in their mission to achieve improved logistics withhigher productivity.”

“One of our major USP’s is the ease with which our solutions can be implemented without affecting the existing infrastructure. We understand the challenges faced by organizations and provide customized solutions to match their business needs and help them make the transition in the smoothest way possible,” added David.

The global warehouse automation market is set for a paradigm shift due to digitalization initiatives and is estimated to grow more than 2x from 2019 to 2025, on the back of strong macro and industry growth drivers of eCommerce fulfillment and increasing warehousing labour costs. The sectors that are increasingly focused on the benefits of automation within supply chain functions include the e-grocery, e-commerce and retail sector.

The solution is complemented by Swisslog’sproven warehouse management softwareplatform SynQ, which incorporates 4AutoStore standard picking ports equippedwith an innovative pick by light system.SynQ enables insights, optimization andagility for warehouse operations andrepresents a new approach to warehousemanagement software that delivers allof the functionality, intelligence, andservices required to optimize warehouseoperations in an integrated, modularplatform.

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About Swisslog

Swisslog collaborates with forward-thinking companies to optimize the performance of their logistics automation. As part of the KUKA Group and with more than 14,000 passionate employees worldwide, Swisslog is known for delivering renowned technology, reliable solutions and world-class service. Its customers trust the expertise and dedication of the staff to transform the future of intralogistics with innovative robotic, data-driven and flexible automated solutions. Customers relying on Swisslog’s experience include Mai Dubai, RoboStores, Almarai, Axiom Telecom, Central Bank of Kuwait, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Roche, Target, Fossil, ASDA and Wal-Mart amongst others.

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