HomeGenie invests in latest technology to enable seamless and secure online home services

HomeGenie invests in latest technology to enable seamless and secure online home services

In a significant push towards enhancing the user experience and protection of customer data, HomeGenie has completed a major technology update to its online home services platform and successfully achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013, an industry leading certification on data privacy and protection.

Date: Dubai, UAE, September 30, 2021

HomeGenie Services (www.homegenie.com), a leading home-grown online on-demand home services technology startup, released a major update to its website and iOS and Android mobile apps. The aim of this update is to significantly improve the user experience from booking, tracking and payment of 200+ home services while ensuring safety and security of customer data.

With over 200+ services, 500+ service experts and 4.8/5-star customer rating, the update   will support more than one million homes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that require a wide variety of home services including AC, Plumbing, Electrical, Gardening, Cleaning, Sanitization, etc. – through the upgraded website and mobile apps.

The technology update includes a tailored implementation of industry leading customer facing solutions and internal management system including a cloud-based integrated messaging platform and enterprise resource management software, internet-based telephony and chatbot application, in-country webhosting provider in line with UAE ICT law. In addition, with the growing importance of data privacy and security, HomeGenie has successfully achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013a leading international standard certification for information security. 

Azaradeen Ali, Head of Enabling Technology, HomeGenie says “We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless, secure and safe online home services experience to our customers and our recent investments in technology and data security is a testimony to our commitment to keep pace with the needs of our users, technology advancements and constantly evolving market regulation.”

With the above technology update, in future, HomeGenie team will be releasing significant updates to its website and mobile apps in a more secured manner. Customers can call 800 443643 (HGENIE), visit www.homegenie.com or download the HomeGenie iOS and Android mobile apps, signup and book the required services. One of the trained and certified experts will respond and visit to provide the necessary service at a time convenient for the customer.


Editor’s Notes

About Home Genie

Launched in 2018, with an aim to fix the highly fragmented home services industry using the latest technology, HomeGenie is now a leading UAE-based technology startup enabling over 200+online home services, 500+ service experts and 4.8/5-star customer rating.

We, at HomeGenie, have firmly believed that availing home services can be made simple, reliable and affordable right from booking a professional and tracking the progress to paying electronically. We have achieved this by bringing together a highly experienced team of maintenance, commercial, marketing (both digital and traditional) and technology professionals with extensive local and global experience.

HomeGenie has brought the end-to-end home services experience to customers’ finger-tips through a mobile app and website. Using latest technology, customers have access to large pool of verified service provider staff who are available almost round the clock, available to offer Plumbing, Masonry, Carpentry, Glasswork, Pool, Air Conditioning, Cleaning, Gardening, Pest Control, Furnishing Handyman, Painting, Appliances, Gadgets, Technology and many more home services, with a few clicks.

Our work hasn’t finished, by continuously challenging the status quo and seeking new ways to push boundaries, we will continue to do our bit to take any hassle away from your daily life.

Book a HomeGenie service and give us an opportunity to delight you!

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