The best kitchen help for all seasons- Panasonic

Panasonic has a multi-purpose blender that grinds, blends and crushes anything you need to prepare in a kitchen. From coffee to cocktail make everything in minutes with MX-KM5070.

The best kitchen help you need for summer and beyond

When cooking has been considered the easy way to kill boredom in the new normal, a handy appliance that makes all your culinary experiments and daily kitchen chores easy is a boon. Bundled with features like preset functions and speed controls, a blender can be pretty much handy in making several dishes with a gentle push of a button.

 Like the MX-KM5070 ice crushing blender from Panasonic, an advanced blender boasts features that make it easy for you to make your favourite dish.  MX-KM5070 can also be helpful in several different ways. So here we discuss how you can put your favourite kitchen helper to some genius use this summer.

  • Make your day with soft-serve, creamy smoothies

 A smoothie is a refreshing way to start your day in summer, not just for its lasting taste but also for the nutrient values. It is filling and equally healthy, which will keep you active throughout the day. However, making a smoothie in a juicer or ordinary blender could be an exhausting and cumbersome task, not to mention time-consuming. This is where MX-KM5070 can help you out. If you were lucky to buy one recently, making a soft, creamy smoothie is only a matter of minutes. This Japanese-made kitchen companion is a high-power blender and has specially designed sawtooth blades that are hard to find anywhere else in the market. Whether you prefer a green smoothie or a fruity one, MX-KM5070 makes it ready for you with a combination of powerful crushing and fine cutting.

  • Make dry flour

All of us might be well aware of the inconvenience associated with finding wheat flour alternatives while trying to load your menu with gluten-free dishes. The process is not just costly but annoying. It’s actually easy and inexpensive to make your homemade rice, spelt, quinoa, and yes, even classic wheat-free flour if you have the right blender. Just load up the glass jar with the dry grain of your choice and slowly increase the speed, blending to the degree of fineness that you prefer. The biggest turnoff with other blenders is that it is only equipped with one dry mill for all types of grinding, meaning the coffee you just ground after the pepper will have a taste of both. However, Panasonic MX-KM5070 is packaged with two dry mills, each designed for its individual purposes.

  • Prepare batter  

MX-KM5070 is perfectly designed to make cake mix aerate and puff up perfectly in the oven. All you have to do is drop your grains smoothly into the jar, turn the motor on and blend the dry ingredients up first before adding the wet and run until the batter is ready.

MX-KM5070 is the best kitchen helper not just in summer but any season. It makes your life easy by helping you prepare many dishes within minutes. Apart from the uses mentioned above, there is a lot you can do with the blender. All you have to do is just experiment.


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