Savoye introduces autonomous robotics in Middle East supply chain through HAIPICK solution

Savoye introduces autonomous robotics in Middle East supply chain through HAIPICK solution

September 29, 2021

Savoye, a leading global player in the design, manufacture, and integration of automated and robotics system in logistics and supply chains, has become a partner and integrator of HAI Robotics, world leader in Autonomous Case-handling Robotics (ACR) system. The partnership is poised to bringHAIPICK solution in the Middle East, where there is a notable demand for autonomous technology solutions in the supply chain and logistics sectors.

The HAIPICK system features autonomous and intelligent functions such as robots that pick and place boxes or bins on storage shelves up to five to seven meters high and able to carry up to eight loads to continuously feed goods-to-person picking stations. Further, the solution is flexible and works well even in extreme weather environment.

According to industry experts, majority of supply chain organizations will invest in artificial intelligence and digital software by 2024. Robotics solutions such as HAIPICK will help companies in the digital transformationacross their supply chains, increasing productivity, automating processes, and improving their total operation.

Another prominent feature of the HAIPICK solution is that it can be customized to suit different application scenarios, allowing Savoye to integrate it ideally in their own range of solutions for goods-to-person order preparation.

In addition, the HAIPICK solution will further support Savoye’s X-PTS technology,a high-speed shuttle system for stocking and de-stocking lightweight load to enhance the processing of meet repetitive, time-consuming, and large volumes of orders.

Alain Kaddoum, Middle East Managing Director, Savoye said: “This partnership with HAI Robotics is another opportunity for us to offer an innovative and cutting-edge solution for supply chain organizations particularly in the Middle East. The HAIPICK solution complementsour in-house solutions like goods-to-person X-PTS Pick Station, LED strip-based put-to-light shelves, INTELIS conveyors, and WMS and WES control software with HAI Robotics mobile robots, allowing us to deliver a distinctsolution to our clients in the region.”

AI and smart software solutions are taking over the supply chain sector and isalso increasingcompetition.Logistics solutions providers like Savoye are establishing their mark in addressing the demand for such unique solutions and opportunities in the market.


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