Many investors wait for BCF – Blockchain conference coming up in October

Many investors wait for BCF – Blockchain conference coming up in October

BCF – The “Blockchain for Smart Economy” workshop will be held on October 7, 2021, with a scale of up to 1000 people, bringing together many leading experts in the field of Blockchain.

Despite the pandemic, the blockchain market is growing remarkably

According to a report from IDC, global spending on blockchain solutions in 2020 was $4.5 billion, up 50 percent from the previous year. The unit also estimates that, at the current growth rate, by 2024, nearly $19 billion will be poured into the market.

In the past few years, organizations and businesses around the globe have known about the rich and widespread application of blockchain technology in many areas of life from health, finance, supply chain, retail to entertainment.

As the pandemic rages in many countries around the world, communication and transactions are encouraged to be carried out in cyberspace in large numbers and wide ranges, blockchain further promotes its strengths in connectivity.

The flow of money into the blockchain solution market will continue to increase, partly demonstrating the potential of a sustainable technology solution that helps link multidisciplinary sectors and creates leverage for the economy to recover and grow in the future. This potential was evident when CB Insights released a report showing that investments in blockchain solution startups in the first quarter of 2021 alone reached $2.6 billion, surpassing the total investment capital for the whole of 2020 of $2.3 billion.

BCF – The “Blockchain for Smart Economy” conference is coming up on October 7th

In order to help investors narrow the scope of finding opportunities safely and effectively, as well as create a bridge between young startups and target customers around the world, the upcoming “Blockchain for Smart Economy” workshop is receiving a lot of attention.

During the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to interact with leading blockchain companies in the UAE and apply crypto in practice.

Next, BCF is also a place for businesses to search and research on the potential of blockchain and new situational solutions. Finally, this place will bring together many potential investors, which is an indispensable source of support for young businesses.

According to some statistics, there are more than 20 “angel” investors, 15 large blockchain corporations and 5 leading experts attending.

Information about BCF – Workshop “Blockchain for smart economy”

Location: Atlantis, the Palm – Dubai

When: October 7, 2021, between 9:00 and 18:00

Contact: or call us: +971 56 226 9999

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