Wednesday September 15th could be the day you’ll never forget – the day everyone’s favourite ice cream innovator – The Brooklyn Creamery – releases its new Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.

Not only is chocolate flavour ice cream the most popular in the UAE, according to our ice cream guru, engineer and flavour maestro Vasco, (he eats ice cream as an appetiser), but chocolate fudge brownie is an all-time favourite dessert worldwide. 

But wait! This chocolate-fudge-brownie mash-up is low calorie, packing just 395 Kcals in a standard 450ml tub. Of course, we should tell you that’s just 79Kcals a serving, but who stops at a single serving, especially if you’re, you know, comfort eating? 

And there’s more! This total treat has 55% lower milk fat than other ice creams, and true to The Brooklyn Creamery’s ethos, doesn’t contain any nasty artificial colouring, sweeteners or added sugars. Even better – it’s only AED20 a tub.

Like we said, Wednesday September 15th is probably a day you’ll never forget. The day you discovered you can indulge yourself, guilt-free in a delicious, decadent, divine tub of rich, creamy chocolate ice cream, generously dotted with real chunks of brownie and rivers of caramel sauce.

Grab a pot now exclusively via Deliveroo or The Brooklyn Creamery website, but be quick, word on the street is this is going to sell out FAST! 

About The Brooklyn Creamery 

The freshest flavours and health-forward recipes puts The Brooklyn Creamery at the forefront of millennial food brands. Launched by passionate ice cream artisans as a small New York dessert parlour, with a brand new approach to flavours and ingredients, the guilt-free brand is now available in the UAE. 

Hand-crafted with a mission to develop guilt-free healthier desserts, The Brooklyn Creamery’s range is lower fat, lower calorie but high on flavour, compared to other premium brands. The Brooklyn Creamery also offers a plant-based range, for those looking for indulgent treats without dairy. 

Social media:

Facebook @brooklyncreameryME

Instagram @brooklyncreameryME

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