KEPCO KNOWLEDGE DATA NETWORK CO LTD opens its first branch in Abu Dhabi

KEPCO KNOWLEDGE DATA NETWORK CO LTD opens its first branch in Abu Dhabi

KEPCO KDN to identify opportunities to support nuclear power plant ICT and cyber security in the two countries.

14th September, Abu Dhabi: The KEPCO Knowledge Data Network Co Ltd (KEPCO KDN), a world leader in ICT technology, opens its first branch in Abu Dhabi to facilitate knowledge exchange and new business development between Korea and the UAE.

Since its establishment in 1992, KEPCO KDN has been contributing to the development of the energy industry through ICT technology expertise and advancement, and is a leader in the Korean clean energy industry.

Jang Hyun Kim, CEO of KEPCO KDN, said, “Today marks an important day for us as we inaugurate our first branch in the UAE. KEPCO KDN has consolidated its position as a leader in its field, and will collaborate with local companies on ground-breaking projects such as the development of nuclear power plants ICT – a sector which lies at the heart of the electric power industry today.”

“We are looking forward to technology exchange and new business development in the areas of nuclear power plant ICT and cyber security as we initiate leading-edge projects within the UAE.”

The United Arab Emirates and Korea have maintained cooperative relations in the fields of economy, culture, and technology since 1970. In 2009, when UAE adopted nuclear power technology to fuel economic growth and invest in clean energy, it provided a new opportunity for cooperation between the two rapidly growing countries. Now KEPCO KDN is bringing its expertise in nuclear power plant ICT development and cyber security to the UAE. 

In addition to this, KEPCO KDN ( is at the forefront and developing various innovative AICBM technologies such as AI, IoT, Cloud, and Big Data. The company is also a leader in the field of future energy and is continuously investing in cutting-edge new technology. This includes AMI diffusion, electric car charging stations, energy big data service, E-prosumer, microgrid, energy storage devices, among several others.

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