Bano, in Persian, means a lady. A woman others aspire to emulate,composed, effortlesslyelegant. That is what Rahil Hesan’s new summer collection is all about.

Inspired by the feminine, whimsical 70s, Rahil infuses a touch of boho chic that remains relevanttoday as it was then. Crochet, lace, rich floral and pretty paisley prints are some of the textures for this collection. Thedelicate designs, relaxed, silhouettes,ultra feminine and flowing luscious fabrics evoke that ultra effortless femininity that tinted that era.

Rahil’s  mission with this new collection is to magnify elegance and confidence in classic styles featuring knee-length luxury lace dresses and graceful, soft button-down silk shirts.

From day to night, Bano flutters in shades of greens and yellows, fresh as a summer morning.

Blue,ranging fromsky light blueto ocean indigo,provide a combinations of tranquil hue with neutrals, yet contrasting, and quirky.  Mysterious black, a staple for evening wear; is a must in this collection that promises more drama for summer nights.

Through the duality of this collection Rahil dreams in abundance, she transports every woman into the ultrapersona: every woman is Bano.

–  End –

Website: https://www.rahilhesan.com/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/r.hesan/

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