Eureka Forbes Coronaguard achieves 94.9% reduction in covid-19 virus

Eureka Forbes Coronaguard achieves 94.9% reduction in covid-19 virus

Results scientifically proven in tests carried out in a BSL-3 laboratory by the independent Dutch research organisation, TNO

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 7th September 2021:Tests done by internationally accredited laboratory TNO show that the Eureka Forbes Coronaguard achieves a 94.9% reduction in the covid -19 virus after 15 minutes in a BSL-3 lab setup. This test corroborates earlier tests done by accredited laboratories in India and Mexico which showed that the Coronaguard reduced surrogate viruses of SARS COV-2 and other coronaviruses in enclosed spaces of upto 100 square meters. These results involved both tests with viruses in air and on surfaces.

Forbes Coronaguard’sinnovative technology creates a negatively charged electron cloud using photons which physically disables the homing mechanism on the virus. This neutralizes the virus and prevents infectivity. The device is not an air purification or medical device. It does not produce ozone and is completely safe for humans and animals.Coronaguard is CE certified as a Class I device, a category of devices with the lowest perceived risk and is market-enabled under US FDAduring the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency.

Prakash Trading Company, under its new Wellness Division, distributes Eureka Forbes Coronaguard in the UAE. “We have huge interest from various organisations including schools, banks, hotels and restaurants for the Coronaguard. The safety of patrons, visitors, staff is of utmost importance for every organisation. The UAE has maintained a strategic approach in containing the COVID-19 virus. To ensure that the momentum continues, it is recommended that the country takes advantage of this innovative technology. In a typical installation inside an office or restaurant, the device will mitigate the spread of the virus among staff and visitors if there is an infected person within the premises.” said Mr. Ajay Karani, Director of Prakash Trading Company.

The UAE has administered over 18 million vaccine doses. According to data released by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), 76 per cent of residents are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, while 87 per cent have received at least one dose. Innovative solutions as Coronaguard, will not only help the country contain the spread of COVID-19, but also ensure it remains safe for residents and citizens to function and operate securely and safely.

“Coronaguard is plug and play device, that works by flooding hypercharge electrons in the exposed areas, which attach to the coronaviruses through its spike protein (S-protein), to disable the infectivity of virus. It safely disables up to 94.9% of covid-19 and the corona family of viruseswithout causing any harm to humans or pets and causes no interference to other electronic devices. The device covers a wide area of 100m2 has no odours,minimal power consumption, no use of chemicals, no stains or residue or any harmful side-effects. This makes it a perfect solution for all high-risks and essential service environments, as well as homes.” added Mr. Karani.

Coronaguard can be safely deployed in all environments inhabited by people, be it very large or small enclosed spaces. It helps create safe zones in banks, health care facilities, gymnasiums, restaurants, hotels, schools, colleges, places of worship, nurseries andoffices. It is user friendly and easy to install with the included wall bracket and can operate continuously with no maintenance mandated. Prakash Trading Company aims to continue the legacy of Eureka Forbes in the UAE, with the Forbes Coronaguard. The company is confident that the Coronaguardwill serve as the right solution in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the UAEand getting it ready for the upcoming Expo 2020.


About Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes has been at the forefront of health efforts over the past 38 years, becoming synonymous with clean drinking water and cleaning solutions. Over the years, the company has not only created solutions to safeguard individuals and businesses from harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, but has also been thoroughly testing the efficacy of its products to ensure highest quality international standards. The newly introduced Coronaguard is a testament of the company’s years of leadership and expertise and will serve as the right solution in attenuating the Corona family of viruses in the UAE. For more information, please visit 

About Prakash Trading Company

Established in 1963, Prakash Trading Company is a leader in the electrical engineering industry for over 50 yearsmarketing a wide range of electrical components serving the UAE, GCC, Middle East, Africa, CIS countries and the Indian sub-continent. Headquartered in Dubai, Prakash Trading Company has a central logistics facility of more than 225,000 sqft. located in Dubai Investments Park, enabling storage of a wide range of goods with prompt delivery times.With branches fully automated operations across the country, and a large in-house fleet of delivery vehicles, PTC can cater to clients in the GCC with short lead times.For more information, visit

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