The training program launched by The Ports and Terminals Training Center (PTTC) accredited by City & Guilds and covers 16 different areas using 18 internally integrated systems

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,05September 2021:DP World, UAE Region, the leading smart trade enabler introduced the ZODIAC training programme,led by in-houseEmirati calibres in The Ports and Terminals Training Center (P&TTC). The programme accredited by City & Guilds is now a recognised benchmark for effective training programmes to improve supply chain utilisation globally.

This announcement comes post the successfulimplementation of the ZODIAC automation system in Jebel Ali Port’s Container Terminal 3 (CT3), and exclusively training employees on effectivelyoperatingthe automated systemon 16 different areas using 18 internally integrated systems. So far, the programme has successfully trained 3,555 employees.

The primary aim of the training program is to bridge the users’ knowledge gap and spread awareness of the capabilities provided by ZODIAC to businesses and companies, enabling them to better accessthe supply chain. The training will also target customers, agents, contractors, consultants and other stakeholders.

Mohammad Belshalat, Director – Operations Support, DP World, UAE Region, said:”In DP World, UAE Region, we have always emphasised on automation and digital transformation. The cornerstone in building these capabilities is by qualifying our employees and users so they can benefit from our digital systems and adopt them in their operations and transactions. To achieve this our Ports and Terminals Training Center (P&TTC) has developed this training program based on the best practices and international standards, ensuring the highest return on the massive investment we dedicated to the development and implementation of ZODIAC.”

Belshalatadded: “We are proud that both the ZODIAC system and the training program has been led by our in-house Emirati calibres, as a world-class product. It has been accredited by City & Guilds, one of the world’s most prestigious bodies in accrediting trainingcontent.”

Being the largest training entity in the group in terms of its team, collection of training materials, and expertise in delivering training locally and internationally, P&TTC supports DP World, UAE Region’s mission and vision to lead smart transformation in its ports and logistics hub, in Jebel Ali.

The ZODIAC digital system also manages the rail and inland container depot (ICD), provides full fleet management and offers control to the container freight station. Additionally, it provides real-time container location tracking, clearance, and delivery with billing systems, all supported by the Internet of Things. ZODIAC can also aid communication with onsite foreman’s PDA devices for on-groundoperations and provide an automatic control system for the terminal gates. All these systems are orchestrated by artificial intelligence andmachine learning.


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