Patient with One of the Largest Gallstones Ever Recorded, Successfully Undergoes Keyhole Surgery at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Patient with One of the Largest Gallstones Ever Recorded, Successfully Undergoes Keyhole Surgery at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

·        7cm Gallstone, one of the largest ever recorded in the world, removed at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.

·        The procedure was carried out through key whole surgery and the stone was removed in one piece.

Dubai, UAE (31/8/21): 52-Year-old patient underwent keyhole surgery at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai for the removal of what is known to be one of the biggest gall bladder stones ever recorded. After experiencing extreme abdominal pain for four days, the patient was diagnosed with Gallstones. The patient was considered to have a rare and difficult case having one of the largest Gallbladder stones ever recorded. If left untreated the condition could have led to severe life-threatening complications.

The patient first experienced severe pain on the right side of her abdomen 4 days prior to visiting the hospital. Gallstones are hardened deposits of digestive fluids that can form in your Gallbladder, differing in size and number. It is essential to treat Gallstones, due to the high-risk conditions that could occur if left untreated which include Sepsis, infection of the gallbladder, and Gallbladder cancer, all of which can be life threatening.

Dr. Sabah Al Arnaout, Specialist General Surgeon, who specializes in laparoscopic procedures and Gallstone surgeries, claimed that the Gallstone was larger than average, which is anything over 5 cm and not very commonly seen. It was then decided that the patient needs to have the Gallstone surgically removed to avoid any further complications. Dr. Sabah chose to remove the Gallstone through keyhole surgery to avoid scarring and obtain faster recovery.

“The case of the patient was a rare and difficult one. The stone removed was 7cm in size, which makes it severely large in size and difficult to remove through keyhole surgery. The procedure done was minimally invasive which allowed the patient to have a quick recovery and a shorter hospital stay. I am extremely glad that everything went along smoothly, and my patient recovered effectively” Dr. Sabah Al Arnaout, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

The procedure lasted longer than it was expected to and after successfully completing it, the patient had a quick and sufficient recovery, returning to her usual routine in just 3 days.

“The size of the stone was a complete shock, resembling a boulder. It was also surprising to me that the whole thing was removed in one piece from my gallbladder, without the need for open surgery. Once the stone was removed, I no longer felt any pain and my stomach instantly felt lighter.  Throughout the whole procedure the entire medical team was extremely supportive, and they gave me the confidence to go through this journey with no fear. Dr. Sabah also ensured that I was in good health, and I recovered fairly quickly.” Mrs. M.H., Patient at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

The patient recovered quickly and was released from the hospital in 3 days following the procedure.


Boiler Plate – Al Zahra Hospital Dubai:

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai – is a leading healthcare provider in the UAE and a milestone in the country’s healthcare sector, with the brand breaking ground in 1975, as the first private healthcare provider. The hospital is located in Dubai, on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, catering to local and international patients with over 250 Doctors and more than 40 medical specialties. Accredited by the Joint Commission International, the hospital holds various distinguished credentials, with centers of excellence ACL and Rotator CUFF injuries.

Dedicated to delivering world class healthcare, the hospital is a leader in implementing technological advancements and medical practices, housing the region’s first advanced 3 Tesla MRI & the first private Hyperbaric Oxygenation Chamber. In 2016, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai was the first hospital to introduce water birthing followed by the first hospital to adopt the Versius Surgical Robotics System in 2021.

In 2020, the hospital received two JCI accreditations for the Breast Cancer and Heart Attack centers.

Some of the most sought-after services at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai include- Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Spine Surgery, Joint Replacement, Interventional Medicine, Maternity, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine & more.

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