Joyalukkas Exchange Opens New Branch InFahaheel, Kuwait

Joyalukkas Exchange Opens New Branch InFahaheel, Kuwait

It’s the 14th branch opened by the Exchange House in the country

Date: 26/08/2021

Location: Fahaheel, Kuwait

Joyalukkas Exchange, people’s favourite exchange, opened a new branch in Kuwait earlier this week in Fahaheel, furthering the ease of money transfer and exchange in the country. It was inaugurated by His Excellency Sibi George, Ambassador of India to Kuwait in the presence of Fahas Suri, 1st Secretary, Embassy of India to Kuwait along with other embassy officials

His Excellency Sibi George said, “I’m very happy to inaugurate this new branch of Joyalukkas Exchange. The fact that we can have more Indian business enterprises in the country shows that we are in the gradual process of recovery from the pandemic. Particularly the financial sector which is contributing towards building our relationship with this important country. It is truly a morale boost for the community. I wish Joyalukkas Exchange all the best.”

Present on the scene were Joyalukkas Exchange Kuwait, General Manager, Ashraf Ali Jalaluddeen, Assistant General Manager, Abdul Azeez Mattuvayil, and the Regional Manager of JoyalukkasJewellery, Vinod Kumar. Moreover, all branch managers, the marketing team, and head office staff attended.

In the spirit of furthering entrepreneurship, business owners and professionals attended as well.

Antony Jos, Managing Director of Joyalukkas Exchange, commented, “It’s always an honour to open a new Joyalukkas Exchange store. We hope to help more people with remittance, exchange, and many other financial services, especially those with loved ones back home. The situation is improving every day and opening this new branch is a testament to that. We also support Indian entrepreneurship in Kuwait and provide many solutions for business owners.”

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