GBK revamps DIFC Location with Convenient Counter Service

GBK revamps DIFC Location with Convenient Counter Service

DIFC just got more dynamic with Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) in a new avatar.

The popular burger joint has revamped its outlet in the financial center with counter service for added convenience and speed.  This new look and feel also better represents the streamlined menu launched earlier this year.

Diners can now order directly at the counter where they also pick up their food once the buzzer provided to them goes off. With ample seating for 50, they can then head to a table and enjoy their meal at leisure.

From GBK favorites like the Shroom Swiss, Jalapeno Overload, the Blue Rockfort, Avo & beef Bacon and The Taxi Driver to the Classic Cheese (Beef, Chicken or Beyond), diners can enjoy a variety of gourmet burgers individually or as part of a super well-priced meal with GBK’s signature fries and a drink.

New items including the GBK Appetizer Sampler, Crispy Chicken Salad with honey mustard dressing and the Crispy Chicken Tenders with fries served with your choice of sauce are highlights of the menu.

And on days when you’re craving a little something extra you’ve got to try one of GBK’s specialty burgers – the indulgent Mighty, the protein-packed Vegan Californian, the decadent Prime Wagyu and the zingy Buffalo Chick’n.

Customization remains a GBK signature and diners can also upgrade to a Wagyu patty, swap their bun for a lettuce wrap, add extra premium ingredients and homemade condiments when ordering at the counter.

GBK DIFC is located on the Marble Walk in Gate Building No. 5 and is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm.

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