Dubai events veteran and Covid-safe champion Dan Bolton launches BE Experiential

Dubai events veteran and Covid-safe champion Dan Bolton launches BE Experiential

BE Experiential aims to change the events industry with its experiential, people-first approach

August 29, 2021 – 2020 was the year the world changed, a statement that’s doubly true for the events industry which was crippled by cancellations, restrictions and uncertainty. 

But even before then Dan Bolton, an events veteran with experience across The Olympics, South-east Asia Games and the Louvre Abu Dhabi, could see that change was needed. 

He’d planned to launch his experiential agency at the start of 2021: this would be a new agency focusing on creativity and adaptability, creating a new forward-thinking template. 

And with the events industry turned upside down, it turned out to be the perfect time to launch a new business. Instead of waiting for clarity and structure on how events could be run, Dan had a fully-formed, agile and innovative agency at his disposal, able to showcase their position as industry drivers and leaders. 

BE Experiential were one of the first to put on Covid-safe events in the UAE when they launched their Breakout DXB event last year alongside co-creator Lobito Brigante. Working alongside Rove Hotels and the DTCM, the two-day event led the way for Covid-safe events in the region. 

“Everyone said that live events can’t happen, and we can’t do them, but we kept on saying no. This was one of the big reasons why we did Breakout DXB, it was a real statement of intent. We do our best to always be proactive and authentic.”, says Dan.

And it’s just one of the many successes the experiential agency has had since their soft launch, proving that the best in business adapt and evolve. Since then, they’ve worked with Expo 2020, MERAAS, Nakheel, Procter & Gamble, Duty Free Shopping and dozens of other agencies and brands, creating a blueprint for safe events in the region. 


“The events industry is forever in a state of evolution. It has become apparent now more than ever that delivering live events and experiences can be done differently and we are excited that over the coming years the team we are building, the creatives we are working with and the clients we are supporting will be able to set the benchmark on how to deliver events now and into the future.”, he added.

Working alongside industry and government bodies, he created a safe and workable events template to get the industry moving again. And with events once more given the green-light by the DTCM in Dubai, Dan and his team are looking to restart and rebuild the events industry by connecting people. 

” We stand by our fellow colleagues to push forward and revive the industry. We are not afraid to be the first and push boundaries to give this industry what it deserves. Events feed our souls and bring life to everyone and we are here to make sure this happens.”, Dan concluded


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