14-year old develops an innovative tech products

14-year old develops an innovative tech products

Children are full of ideas, and that is what makes them special. Imagination is in full force and they are never afraid to say what’s on their mind. This is exactly how Adithya Vissapragada, a 14-year old’s journey with technology started.

Adithya’s recent Innovative (Healthcare) product aims to predict life threatening issues with advanced tech features. A US based firm has shown interest to offeran investment of 80 percentwhich will aid the design, development, and process of the products. In addition, the product is open to more investments.

Adithya was only 9-year-old when he had his first stint with technology. Adithya said, “My interest in tech started at the age of 9. Being my curious self, I kept experimenting with things which has helped me learn and grow.”

Adithya started designing & developing mobile apps and games, which gradually led him to publish his own in 2015. Since then, Adithya has been working on several tech-related projects. He has also been an instrumental force in establishing his own Company (not commercially focused) – Macrobot – https://www.macrobot.net/, which focuses on Innovative product development (Software & Hardware) and serves as a robust platform for innovative young minds to share their ideas on design and development. One of his recent website projects include website designing for a well-known publishing house in India. Another project was selected as one of the top 5 projects in Indian adobe competition.  In addition, one of Adithya’s projects has also been recognized by ENBD bank as a top shortlist for security.

“It gives me immense pleasure to apply the latest technology trends for addressing pragmatic challenges. My aim is to strategize and develop products and ideas which are not only unique, but also in line with the UAE and UN Sustainable Goals that fulfill the community needs for a sustainable future. Though my company is not a commercial venture yet, we are in the process to register it.  I have had the opportunity to work with some of the top-notch clients and have offered them services entirely for free.”

An avid gamer and programmer, Adithya also loves skating and chess. He’s also one of UAE’s asset topper, a chess champion for a competition held in Malaysia, has secured a 3rd place in an inter school UAE skating competition and has completed an advanced course with Dubai Future Foundation.

While the tech genius attributes his achievements to the inspiring role his parents play in his daily life, he also looks up to Silas Adekunle as a role model for his career and APJ Abdul Kalam as a role model to serve his nation.

Striking a balance between school and his tech interest, The IT whiz has also developed products as Personalized Health Care Solution with AI Integration, a unique Secure system to aid on emergency circumstances, a customizable learning portal for young generation and an electricity saving mechanism to promote the GGC/UN goals to the nation, which are open to investments by leading organisations / entrepreneurs.


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