“W Capital” marketed projects total Dhs1.2bn

Celebrating their 14th anniversary

“W Capital” marketed projects total Dhs1.2bn

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday 13 August 2021:The “W Capital” real estate brokerage celebrated their 14th anniversary, as a featured player in Dubai the real estate brokerage sector with total project value of about Dhs1.2bn so far.

The leading Dubai-based real estate brokerage started business in 2007 after getting a license from the Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Size Enterprises, which provided all the necessary logistical support so as the company was able to prove its superiority in the real estate brokerage sector.

“W Capital” currently leads marketing and sales of Dubai real estate sector, according to the latest data of the ” Dubai REST” digital platform, which is affiliated with the Dubai Land Department.

 Walid Al Zarooni, the company’s president, also topped the list of real estate brokers with the highest marketing  number  of real estate transactions in the Emirate of Dubai .

The company won several awards, and participated in more than 30 real estate exhibitions outside the UAE, in Saudi Arabia – Kuwait – Qatar – Bahrain – Oman – Syria – and Egypt, in addition to organizing more than 25 real estate exhibitions inside the UAE.

Walid Al Zarooni, Chairman, received a 4-star rating category, and was ranked among the top of Dubai brokers who received this four-star category, in the (Dubai Rest) list.

Walid Al-Zarouni said that the company is keen to develop their operations throughout their history since its launch in 2007,in order  to be in the best place in  Dubai  real estate brokerage sector .

Al Zarooni added that the success of “W Capital” is linked to the growth of  Dubai the real estate sector  over the past two decades, where the sector achieved high growth rates in terms of investments as well as  contribution to the national economy.

He pointed to the significant growth of Dubai’s economy, which contributed to the recovery of the construction sector, whether for contractors, real estate developers, brokers and support services.

“Despite the growth we have achieved, we still have great opportunities for expansion in the coming years thanks to the urban renaissance in Dubai by 2040, and the support provided by the government of Dubai in order to boost all economic sectors, including real estate,” Al Zarooni said.

“The company focuses on providing the best client services , including choosing the best real estate options available to dealers according to the level of liquidity available , following up on contracts, authenticating them and sending them to the client doorstep. That contributed to increasing real estate investors’ trust in “W Capital,” he added.

Waleed Al Zarooni stated that 80% of W Capital’s clients are UAE nationals, 15% are GGC, and 5% are from other nationalities.

He stressed that their good relationship with real estate developers play a vital  role in getting exceptional prices for customers, as the company is approved by more than 70 real estate developers in the emirate.

The portfolio of real estate developers that ”  W Capital “deals with includes; (Emaar Properties, Binghatti Developers, MAG Development), and others. Over a period of 14 years, the company succeeded in marketing about 65 projects, and the value of real estate sales arranged by the company amounted to about Dhs1.2bn, serving more than two thousand customers.

Al Zarooni topped the list of real estate brokers in Dubai for the year 2020, and was ranked first as the best selling broker for the projects of Binghatti Developers in 2020, as well as the best seller for the “Arabian Gate” project.

“W Capital “was also ranked the best-selling broker for MAG projects, for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

“W Capital “was the real estate brokerage  that was honored by the Dubai Land Department, in appreciation of their contributions to boost the real estate sector in the emirate, their efforts to encourage real estate investments, their commitment to laws and regulations, as well as being honored as the best  professional brokerage.

Al-Zarouni said that the company was honored more than once by the Dubai Land Department, “Dubai Lands”, Due to the remarkable role that they play in developing the real estate sector within the emirate, raising the awareness about the real estate culture, attracting foreign investors, and injecting investments in the most active sector in Dubai. They are also praised for their commitment to laws, regulations as well as their integrity.

He also pointed out that “W Capital “was honored by most real estate developers as the most selling real estate brokerage for the projects offered by those developers.

He said that the company ranked 11th in the list of the top twenty real estate brokers who sold in Emaar Properties projects during 2018 and 2019.

The Chairman revealed that they offered many prizes to clients, the value of which exceeded Dhs1.4mn. That was in line with their strategy to revitalize sales and support the Dubai real estate sector . The prizes consisted of 3 Nissan cars Dhs150.000 ,each.

He pointed out that they are preparing for the largest prize offered by a real estate company, which is in cash totaling Dhs500,000  to be given to 5 winners.


About Walid Al-Zarooni:

Walid Al-Zarooni is the founder and Chairman of W Capital Real Estate Brokerage. A certified real estate expert from the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency “RERA”, he is the author of “Secrets of the Smart Real Estate Investor”.

Al-Zarooni is one of the first  experts to harness social media to raise the  public awareness about  real estate. He provides almost free advice on a daily basis, as well as latest news and updated information through videos and posts on social media platforms such as “Instagram” , “Snapchat” ,and Twitter, on which he is very active.

About “W Capital”:

“W Capital Real Estate Brokerage” was established in 2007 in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in real estate development, buying, selling, renting as well as consulting services for real estate companies.

Since its inception, the company has sold over AED 200 million of properties to major developers.

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