Global Indian International School And Heartfulness MENA Host an ‘Exclusive’ON DEMAND Session – ……

Global Indian International SchoolAnd Heartfulness MENA Host an ‘Exclusive’ON DEMAND Session – Managing Family Dynamics In The Current Covid Scenario

9th August 2021, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – As a part of the ongoing seven-week Confluence Heart Mind Connect Summer Camp by Heartfulness MENA and GIIS UAE, the second of the two exclusive ‘ON DEMAND’ sessions will be hosted on Saturday, 14 August. This will be a Parent Special session addressing the subject, “Managing Family Dynamics In The Current COVID Scenario.” The first ON DEMAND exclusive session, on 31 July, was children centric under the subject “Covid-19 Friend and Foe.

The last fifteen months for people everywhere have been a big challenge to say the least. The most vulnerable as always have been family units – the parents and the children. For parents especially some of their challenges seem to be insurmountable, whether they be job and financial security, family safety, children’s education and their future, trying to get through each day one step-at-a-time, family bonding under these pressures, their own health & wellbeing, health and well-being of loved-ones in their home countries  and managing the complicated dynamics of all of these realities on the ground. Everyone is searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

This second session will bring together two experts from the education and social sector, Dr Heena Rachh, Principal, GIIS AD and Dr Elizabeth Denley, a prolific writer, speaker and senior trainer, Heartfulness Institute. Dr Denley is also the Editor-in-Chief of the internationally published monthly, Heartfulness Magazine. Dr Rachh and Dr Denley will be in conversation with parents from the MENA region, India and other parts of the world to discuss the challenges parents have been facing in the last 15 months. This is an attempt to heartfully connect with parents, listen to them and Share ‘N’ Care with them.

This live session will explore the multi-faceted roles and relationships of families while dealing with COVID-19 and how the family dynamics are being managed during these trying times. This insightful session aims to give parents a better understanding of how they can approach family dynamics with a calm and balanced frame of mindthat can create a positively conducive home environment for their families in the current times.

Thisis an incredibleopportunity for parentsto open their hearts and allow their minds to learn and unlearnas they reflect on the need or otherwise for a change of mindset and approach.This invaluable on-demand session will be transmitted live on Saturday, 14th August 2021 17:00-18:30Hrs GST Parents are requested toregister (if their children are not already registered participants of this Summer Camp) on Other members of the familycan join the program on FB live :

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