Upfill introduces waterless cosmetics because it is ‘cool to care’!

August 2021, Dubai, UAE: Founded on the principle of ‘it’s cool to care’, homegrown cosmetic wonder, Upfill launches in the UAE introducing a new segment of cosmetics in the region,waterless cosmetics.

Fuelled by the desire to inspire, educate & have fun, Upfill came to life when founder Mariam and her partner came face to face with the negative environmental impact associated with the cosmetic & beauty products they were using on a daily basis, such as the millions of tons of water contained in transportation and the size of the carbon footprint associated with the production process, as well as all the harmful chemical that fill the products.

Upfill breaks free from that and offers an innovative, clean, eco-inclusive &fun solution for consumers whilst delivering results effectively.

While traditional cosmetics are made up of 70% water, 10% non-recyclable plastics and 10% harmful chemicals, only 10% of these products are the active ingredients. The founders of Upfill decided to rewrite the equation! After extensive research and development spanning over two years, the founders devised a product formula containing100% active ingredients, all packaged in the form of a solid bar. As Mariam describes,“Why do we need all these extras that are harmful for us and for the environment, when we can have healthy solid bars that work wonders”.

The Upfill range carries products across three categories of hair, face & body with a total of 10 products including a shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, moisturiser, mask & makeup remover in the hair & face category.
The body range includes a shower oil & body scrub to effectively remove dead skin without drying out the skin.

Why waterless / solid cosmetics?

Aside from the obvious reasoning of saving water, solid cosmetics are theFastest growing Beauty &Clean Beauty trend globally.

Solid cosmetics reduce carbon footprint by removing unnecessary water from products and processes. Water is precious!

Eliminating the transport of water filling the products from one continent to another. We already have water at home!

“We understand making major lifestyle choices is not going to happen overnight and through Upfill we aim not just to serve our planet but alsoinspire people to make better choices” says

Mariam Khafagy, Co-founder, Upfill.

“We have launched with 10 solid products and a handful of accessories to properly store and use the products and intend to add more in the coming months.”

Upfill products are a 100% cruelty free, all natural & vegan and come in recyclable & refillable packaging. All Upfill shampoos are SLS and paraben free too.

Products are available to order globally through their website – www.upfill.ae

Product | Price List:

SCRUBBERYSolid Body ScrubAED 59.90
PEACH PERFECTSolid SLS-Free ShampooAED 59.90
PEACH PERFECTSolid ConditionerAED 69.90
DIRTY GLOWSolid Face MaskAED 74.90
COCO NUTS FOR YOUSolid SLS-Free ShampooAED 59.90
COCO NUTS FOR YOUSolid ConditionerAED 69.90
MAKE IT SHINESolid Face MoisturizerAED 99.90
#NOFILTERSolid Make-Up RemoverAED 99.90
PULP FICTIONSolid Shower OilAED 59.90
PURIFY THAT FACESolid Face CleanserAED 64.90

For more information visit – www.upfill.ae

Get Social with us: @My_Upfill

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