Tanishq captures UAE’s Joie De Vivre in its latest collection…….

Tanishq captures UAE’s Joie De Vivre in its latest collection

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The future is looking bright here in the UAE, and with exciting world-class events like Expo 2020 just around the corner, the energy and zest for life is palpable.

Inspired by the UAE discerning consumer who embodies joyous living, Tanishq has launched the Lightness of Being collection. Featuringgorgeous rings, brilliant earrings, statement necklaces and exquisite pendants, combining captivating cuts with immaculately crafted settings, this diamond collection celebrates thejoie de vivre of the UAE.

The intricacy and design differentiation synonymous with Tanishq jewellery is on full display in this collection, with modularity and wearability being prioritized. Lightweight detachable pendants, jacket earrings that can be worn as studs and long drops that can be converted into pendants allow women to showcase their individuality and sparkle in style. This collection also makes it comfortable to straddle work and play.

From the fluidity of fringe-inspired pendants that shimmer as the wearer moves to bold and striking ring and earring settings where the stones appear to be floating mid-air or falling like raindrops, motifs that signify life, mark the Lightness of Being collection.

“Adornment and self-expression are priorities once again and this collectionallows for bothwith designs that make you sparkle at your best and that are versatile as well” said Beate Steinfeld,Trend &DesignHead – Tanishq International,

“A bold ring says I am ready to take on the world, a playful necklace asks where’s the dancefloor, whilst feather-themed earrings capture the romance of flying. Experttechniques have been used to give the jewellery a feeling of weightlessness, with each piece allowing the wearer to articulate their feelings of joy and dazzle while doing so,” she added.

“The modular, versatile designs consider the practical yet fashion-minded consumer’s needs and easily fit into her busy lifestyle by giving options to the wearer. Each piece can be adorned to suit a new mood or moment. Whether you’re buying something for a wedding, to wear on a summer holiday, at your new workplace, for an intimate gathering of friends and family or even to that glittering gala dinner, whatever the occasion, this new collection has a diamond jewellery piece that will make one stand out now and always,” added Vandana Bhalla, Marketing Head- International Business Division, Titan Company Ltd.

This latest collection is now available in store at Tanishq’s stunning store in Meena Bazaar Dubai. Customers canenjoy up to 25% off* on diamond jewelry value throughout the summer and can also take advantage of Tanishq’s video calling facility that promises the personalized real-time shopping experience of a Tanishq store replicated in one’s own home. 

Every piece of jewelry at Tanishq meets the highest standards of color, clarity, carat, cut and class.After stringent quality checks, only the best diamonds adorn a Tanishq product.

Website : www.tanishq.ae

IG: tanishquae

Contact Number:  +971 42281458

Store Address : Tanishq Showroom, No. 3, Plot No. 312-177, Al Souq Al Kabeer, Meena Bazaar, Dubai.


About Tanishq

Tanishq, India’s most-loved jewellery brand from the TATA Group, has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs, inimitable customer service and guaranteed product quality for over two decades. 

At Tanishq, jewellery is not just a product but a manifestation of artistry and our exquisite range of gold & diamond jewellery strikes the perfect balance between traditional charm and contemporary appeal. With designs that capture the beauty and celebration of special occasions, Tanishq aims to be an integral part of every woman’s journey. Attesting to this commitment towards excellence, in 2019, Tanishq has been awarded the title of The Most Trusted Jewellery Brand in India by the Trust Research Advisory. 

Tanishq currently has a presence of 340+ stores and is India’s most trusted jewellery brand with an extremely high brand recall. 

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