Dubai, UAE; 5th August 2021: The global leading online fashion retailer SHEIN is pleased to announce the launch of their new exclusive summer 2021 collection: SHEIN X ALMAHRA Inspiration Collection.

Almahra, primarily known as a Bahraini actress, won the title of Most Beautiful Model in 2013 while beginning her artistic career, and the title “Ambassador of Arab Dress” in 2014. For the first time, she will be the face of SHEIN, and create a collection of endless wearable options suitable for both special occasions and ordinary days with the family.

The SHEIN X ALMAHRA Inspiration Collection launches in time for Almahra’s birthday, with the aim of celebrating  the enduring and affectionate partnership between SHEIN and Almahra, and thus demonstrating the dedication that the brand reserves in teaming up with longtime supporters, to design exclusive capsule wardrobe.

Through this valuable collaboration, what better than the occasion of her birthday to inspire the customers of The Middle East, with so many key pieces carefully curated by the fashionista and summer trends to choose from.

The exclusive summer 2021 collection centers around three main themes: Daily simplicity, Chic Pursuit and Exquisite Grace.

Daily simplicity

A touch of simplicity goes a long way in fashion. Daily simplicity theme is all about wearability and comfort, without compromising chicness and modernity. 

Inspired by Almahra’s every-day looks, the little touches and vibrant colors bring out the simplicity and elegance of the pieces and give the collection a defined and strong individuality.

Chic Pursuit

Taking inspiration from her classy sense of style, the effortlessly elegant collection is modest and feminine, and no longer restricted by options. The chic luxury pieces include traditional loose robe silhouettes, floral dresses and shirts. Fashionable and gorgeous.

Exquisite Grace

Evoke style and grace by wearing long evening dresses and formal gowns that give you the best silhouette. Designed to be a supreme capsule wardrobe for gatherings with family and friends, the styles and outfits are created to make an impact during special occasions.

Launching on 5th August, shoppers buying any two items from the exclusive summer collection will be given the opportunity to receive the SHEIN X ALMAHRA magazine as a special gift, and discover new insights from Almahra’s stylish life.

The collection will launch in the Middle east on 5thAugust.

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About SHEIN:

Founded in 2008, SHEIN is a Singapore-based accessible fashion e-retailer with a global network that spans 220 countries and regions. Here at SHEIN, we place a premium not on our apparel, but on choice. That’s why we drop 1000 new fashion items daily, spoiling our customers with a dizzying selection of on-trend womenswear that they can mix and match to their heart’s delight. We do this because we believe that the clothes we wear reflect our personalities and we want to empower today’s women to explore and express their individuality. With the abundance of choice we provide, our customers can intricately craft that perfect look which reflects their individuality. Simply put, we help you do you.

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