They’re back! Melty cheesy toasties and loaded fries at Jones the Grocer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 02 August 2021– Jones the Grocer is excited to announce the vaunted return of their mouth-watering toastiesin a special limited-edition menu, available from 29th July at all locations. This time around they’ll bereleasing five tantalising toasties, accompanied by gourmet ‘loaded fries’, available across all stores and for delivery from its partner channels. 

Each toastie is made with house-baked ‘made from scratch’ bread layered with artisan cheese from their cheese rooms, gorgeous chutneys from their gourmet grocery and lovely fresh produce all grilled to perfection and served with homemade pickles.

Forget about Salt Bae, it’s all about the Gruyere and Salt Beef Toastie at Jones the Grocer. Featuring melted Gruyere cheese and salt beef, this toastie is topped with deli style mustard, mayonnaise and pickles sandwiched between two butter-grilled slices of freshly baked sourdough. 

Mexi Toastie

It’s not easy being cheesy, but the Quatro Fromaggi toastie is aneasy cheesy choice. Delicious fig and pomegranate jam, baby spinach, red onion and beef bacon accompanied by melted mozzarella, gruyere, sapphire blue, and brie – cheeses oozing with flavour -in a house-baked white loaf. 

Bacon Triple Cheese Toastie

Hola! The moreish Mexi Toastieis sure to spice up your life. There’s guacamole, smoked cheddar,chilichicken, sweetcorn, jalapenos, nachos, and green chili salsain a house-baked white loaf.

If cheese-lovers thought life was twice as good with the Quatro Fromaggi then theBacon Triple Cheese Toastie just scored a hattrick.Emmental, goat and cheddar cheese are combined for a decadent surprise, complimented by seriously slow-cooked balsamic onions, smoked beef bacon and deli mustard in house-baked multigrain.

HALLOU – is it MI you’re looking for? The answer is yes! Indulge in the Halloumi and Chorizo Toastie topped with chickpea shakshuka, beef chorizo, baby spinach and perfectly grilled halloumi between Jones the Grocer’s house-baked multigrain.

Bombay Chili Cheese

Veggiesrejoice!The much-loved Bombay Chili Cheese Toastie is back! If fried egg, green chili salsa, crispy fried shallots, cheddar, and fresh coriander in between house-baked multigrain sounds like a little bit of you, thenthis toastie has your name all over it.

Patatas Bravas

If you love loaded fries (who doesn’t?) then load ‘em up on their own or with a toastie. The Patatas Bravas, Jones the Grocer’s take on this Spanish favourite, is all about crispy, fluffy roasted potatoes, rosemary, and garlic oil, topped with homemade peri-peri sauce, garlic mayo, cucumber shavings and Sakura cress. 

And because the Bombay ChilliToastiefelt homesick the Jones chefs came up withDelhi Fries-thick cut fries, tossed in tandoori masala, drizzled with mint chutney, tamarind, fresh coriander, and fried chilli.

Delhi Fries

Last, but not least, their gloriousHalloumi Friesare acontemporary take  on loaded fries. Farm fresh halloumi tossed in a homemade za’atar spice mix and fried until golden brown, served with flavourful harissa yoghurt, mint and lemon.

Let’s raise a toast to these newcomersthat are certain to pack a punch with every bite.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner or indulgence in between, Jones the Grocer’s toasties and loaded fries are a sure shot taste sensation packed with fantastic cheese, chutneys, meats and relishes from their grocery.

The limited-edition menu grills are available at all locations from 29th July to 4thSeptember 2021.

To view the toastie and loaded fries menu, visit or find your nearest location HERE.


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