Oblique Creations SS 21 – Travel looks

Oblique Creations SS 21 – Travel looks

Face this summer travel season with a comfy and sporty attitude.

Discover the Oblique Creations SS 21 selection with these full athleisure yet fashionable looks.

From viscose loungewear, to utilitarian multi-bags with a belt, get your perfect travel look.


“Woman essence” is spirit of sophistication and refinement; the perfect
representation of an unchained energetic femininity that preserves
style and courage, defends authenticity and inclusion and inspires the
new Oblique Creations FW 2021 collection.

The models combine lines and cuts that reflect an androgynous style
which takes inspiration from the sports world to further obtain key pieces of the most natural and intense femininity. This results in a collection which reflects the musicality of nature in a weave of embroidery and rubberizing that soften the figure and give deep sensuality to the body.

The exemplary relationship with the environment is expressed through
the greater attention that the brand gives to a production geared to
sustainability, thanks to a careful selection of recyclable materials and
certified fabrics that make the respect of beauty their trump card.


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