What Colour Is Your Summer?

What Colour Is Your Summer?

Summer is here – why not show it on your wrist? After a monochrome hibernation follows a colourful explosion and joie de vivre. And when the sun returns, so does colour, since colours are all about reflecting light.

All of a sudden, we are surrounded by green lawns and trees; blue skies, oceans, lakes and rivers; orange flowers – all thriving under a yellow, sparkling sun. These luminous colours also happen to be four of the nine brilliant shades that form the Rado True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier, a ceramic watch collection developed in collaboration with Les Couleurs SuisseTM – timeless design-savvy hues suitable for all situations and personalities.

Which colour are you? Whichever one you choose, it is a reflection of who you are, and the lightweight, high-tech ceramic gives you other dimensions that might remind you of yourself. The colour seems simple but is super complex to achieve; the material is extremely resilient and scratch resistant, yet the watch is soft to touch.

So, what do the nine timeless colours in the super reduced, yet super technical Rado True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier stand for? As Corbusier put it, “Colour is an incredibly effective triggering tool. Colour is a factor of our existence.” When you look at his descriptions of the colours below, you will see that they could also be applied to various personalities. Here are the nine colours, in an order you are likely to see them on a bright summer’s day:

  • Cream white: Balanced, with stable aesthetics
  • Pale sienna: A sandy, discreet and stable shade
  • Luminous pink: Less earthy and mostly used as complement to other luscious colours
  • Slightly greyed English green. The elegance is in the name.
  • Sunshine yellow: Glows impressively with good light
  • Powerful orange: Saturated and energetic, stepping forward and unfolding bold effects
  • Spectacular ultramarine: An impressive shade, which moves worlds
  • Grey brown natural umber: A balanced, aesthetic and appealing colour
  • Iron grey: Soft, warm, expressive – the darkest shade of the 1931 collection

But above all, as with all watches it comes down to personal taste. Ask yourself: What colour are you? What colour is your summer?

About the Collaboration

Today Les Couleurs Suisse is exclusively mandated by the Fondation Le Corbusier to license the great designer’s original palette of architectural colours, the Architectural Polychromy (www.lescouleurs.ch/en/the-colours/le-corbusier). This dynamic colour system with a total of 63 colours, developed by the father of modernism and international design and style in 1931 and 1959, is to this day considered the ultimate system for colouring architecture and interiors. As both Rado and Corbusier are considered masters of materials, it makes sense that Rado has introduced Corbusier’s colours in ceramics. This is no mean feat, given the extremely difficult process of colouring ceramics. After years of experimenting, Rado was able to include them in the True Thinline series. This collection of watches is also the embodiment of another pioneering aspect of ceramic timepieces: injection moulding, a recent development pioneered by Rado.

About Le Corbusier

Le Corbusier, born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret in 1887 in the Swiss watch capital La Chaux-de-Fonds, has been called the father of modernism and international design and style. To celebrate his previous trade as watch engraver, each watch in the collection is individually engraved with its number of 1-999 in each colour. Among Le Corbusier’s most famous buildings based on his five-point manifesto of load-bearing columns, rooftop gardens, free ground plan, horizontal windows and free facade are Unité d’Habitation, Villa Savoye, Chandigarh, and a semi-detached in Weissenhof Siedlung.

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