TeenEDGE is a results-driven online Junior MBA summer program for students aged 13-17

What do all CEO’s, billionaires and entrepreneurs have in common?

They start strong.

Accelerate your child’s journey to becoming a competent next-generation leader, entrepreneur, and thinker and give them that head start by signing them up for TeenEDGE, a specially designed, results-driven online summer program for students aged 13-17. 

A Junior MBA with a difference, TeenEDGE sharpens skills, harnesses passion, and encourages free thought exposing youngsters to real-world skills and competencies like analysis, problem-solving, strategic thinking, persuasive communication, and decision-making. 

By bridging the gap between academic learning and the real world, TeenEDGE uses expert guidance and coaching coupled with interactive tools to make learning about business fun and fabulous.

“TeenEDGE teaches youngsters how to think like a business leader and tackle real problems with acumen, ingenuity, and smarts.We share tricks of the trade and strategies used in problem solving and decision making and engage them in brainstorming sessions that will hold them in good stead when they enter the real business world,” said Dr Lakshmi, one of the directors at the TeenEDGE academy.

“By the end of the course, they have an added dimension of know-how and discipline that aids them in their normal schooling while also allowing them to further engage in business studies having gone beyond the conventional,” she added.

Not only will some of the brightest business school educationists from around the world deliver the TEENEDGE program, TeenEDGERScan look forward to access to and insight from some of the UAE’s top C-level executives.

Delivered online, the program has 4 exciting modules – Teen CEO (entrepreneurship and decision-making skills), Teen CMO (data analytics and market positioning), Teen CTO (problem-solving with technology) and Teen COO (strategic planning, finance and logistics).

Each module is designed to bridge the industry-academia gap and help teens develop next-generation skills and competencies while enjoying the free-flowing process.

The 6-week course, which costs AED 2900 per child, will start on 1st August 2021, with online sessions from 3 pm to 5 pm 5 days a week (Sun-Thurs).

To sign up or for further enquiries email admissions@teenedgeacademy.comor call 0585373668



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