Free Dessert for The Entire Family with Every Limited Edition Raan Biryani Ordered Over EID for Dine In & Take Away at Mohalla

Free Dessert for The Entire Family with Every Limited Edition Raan Biryani Ordered Over EID for Dine In & Take Away at Mohalla

To celebrate Eid al-Adha, hip Indian street food restaurant, Mohalla – located in Dubai Design District, will give with every family-friendly sized Raan Biryani (AED 370 + VAT)ordered a complimentary desert, Seviyaan Kheer which is the perfect size for 4 people.

Mohalla’s exclusive and limited-edition mutton dish, Raan Biryani is available for home delivery (it comes in its own keep sake sustainable, re-usable crockery) or dine in, where you can enjoy this dish with up to 4 friends or family!

With every Rann Biryani ordered, you also get a complimentary Seviyaan Kheer, a creamy and sweet pudding that originates from North India,the perfect dessert to be shared (this dessert is perfect for up to 4 people).

EID al-Adha is the time to celebrate with family and your loved ones, so let Mohalla take the hassle out of cooking and preparing dishes.

Location: Building 5, Ground Floor, Dubai Design District

Phone: 056 713 6169

Home Delivery: Chatfood and Zomato

Opening Hours During EID: Midday – Midnight

About Mohalla

The word Mohalla resonates across languages and cultures, carrying meaning in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Uzbeki dialects. A reference to my neighborhood or my community, Mohalla, was conceived as an ode to the community neighborhoods of India.

Mohalla offers experiences of unexplored food from rural places of India – to educate not only residents from the expatriate population but also the Indians – about the lost cuisines and rich culinary culture of India.

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