Medallion Associates inaugurates new branch in Pakistan to drive real estate investments to Dubai

Medallion Associates inauguratesnew branch in Pakistan to drivereal estate investments to Dubai

  • New branch forms part of firm’s expansion strategy amid consistent demand for Dubai real estate
  • Facility offers real estate advisory, asset management, private equity & sales and marketing services

July12, 2021 – Medallion Associates, a real estate and investment advisory firm, has launched its third branch in Pakistan,after United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia offices, as part of its continuing bid to increase foreign investment inflows into Dubai. This developmentfurther expands the firm’swide global business network amid sustained interest of investors in the Emirate.

A specialist team will manage the facility and provide services to prospective clients in the areas of real estate advisory, private equity, asset management, property development, and sales and marketing for premium projects.

Masood Al Awar, Chief Executive Officerof Medallion Associates, said: “Our new branch in Pakistan forms part of our expansion strategy that covers key markets worldwide. Against the backdrop of constant demand forDubai real estate, thismove will bring us closer to our clients in the country and the rest of the South Asian region — with the end goal of heightening investors’ interest in Dubai. Pakistan is known for being one of the UAE’s global trade partners. Ithas long been investing in the Emirates’ various sectors, including real estate, and vice versa.Byexpanding to the country, we are confident that we can help drive more foreign investments to Dubai.”

Foreign investors continue to considerDubaias a smart investment and capitalize on the many growth opportunities across sectors in the emirate.  As one of the fastest-growing metropolitan citiesin the Middle East, Dubai is considered a magnet for investors, expatriates, and tourists from all over the globe. This can be credited to its economic, political and social stability, safety and security, appealing residency options, strong education and healthcare infrastructures, and many more.

In terms of property investments, Dubai is a destination of choice for international investors due to high rental yields. During the first quarter of 2021, the real estate transaction volume in the emirate grew by 44 percent on an annual basis. A market boom is expected this year, with the real estate community projecting to benefit immensely from the upcoming global Expo 2020 event.

“As a Global Real Estate Promotional Trustee, a title granted to us by Dubai Land Department, we are well-positioned to engage with investors wanting to be part of Dubai’s real estate market. Our portfolio and track record are key to establishing trust and integrity, as well as building vibrant ties with stakeholders wherever they are in the world,” Al Awar stated.

The UAE remains keen to entice more businesses to come to its shores as the means tostrengthen its foreign direct investment inflowsand achieve its overarching economic diversification goals in line with the government’s Vision 2021. 

Foreign investors are attracted to numerous benefits and incentives that the UAE and particularly Dubai offers, including no direct taxation of corporations or individuals apart from the oil, banking and insurance sectors, as well as no foreign exchange control or constraints related to the repatriation of funds.

Adding to the Emirates’ attractiveness are its business-friendly environment and economic diversification initiatives aimed at reducing its reliance on oil receipts. The recently passed Commercial Companies Law is forecasted as well to further drum up investors’ interest in the Gulf nation.


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