GRIFFCO Debuts In The Middle East

GRIFFCO Debuts In The Middle East

Joint Venture between Griffith foods and IFFCO to create innovative, agile, and sustainable food solutions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8thJuly 2021 –Griffith foods and IFFCO have announced the launch of GRIFFCO, a strategic joint venture designed to build and protect customers’ brands in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), the Levant region, Egypt and Pakistan. GRIFFCO results from the strategic partnership between two companies that are purely driven by purpose and over 100 years of a solid family-based culture. It combines Griffith Food’s global reach, innovation expertise and core capabilities with IFFCO’s deep-rooted heritage and outstanding infrastructure in the region.

Griffith Foods are global product development specialists known for creating high-quality food ingredients to help their partners meet the evolving needs of food consumers that are getting increasingly sophisticated and demanding. With over 100 years of global expertise, research and innovation, Griffith Foods is committed to creating better products for their partners to help satisfy and delight various tastes worldwide in a changing world that’s constantly hungry for more. IFFCO, on the other hand, is an international conglomerate based in the UAE that manufactures and markets a well-integrated range of mass-market food products, related derivatives, intermediates, and services. With a vast global footprint and a portfolio of over 80+brands, IFFCO has established itself as one of the leading and most diversified groups in the Middle East.

GRIFFCO aims to address the shifting and rising demands in the Middle East region through on-trend food ingredient solutions for food institutions, restaurant tables, quick service restaurants, food processors and many more. 

Commenting on the launch of GRIFFCO, Dhiren Kanwar, President and MD, Griffith Foods, IME said, “We are proud to present GRIFFCO to the Middle East. This joint venture comes at a time where customers are looking for world classproducts and services to give them an advantage in a fast-evolving market. I am confident that GRIFFCO’s unique model, that combines the abilities of two great companies, will not only help co-create innovative products for our partners, but will do so with a faster response time, given the localised resources enabledin the region.”

Andrey Dribny, Chief Executive Officer of Culinary for IFFCO said, “The GRIFFCO JV represents a significant partnership and collaboration between two leading International companies. This partnership will deliver exceptional products, services and solutions, building on Innovation expertise from both IFFCO and Griffith Foods. We are very excited about launching the JV into Operations and wish the GRIFFCO team success in establishing a premier company in this region.”

GRIFFCO’s global expertise and local presence make a great blend to create winning food solutions by leveraging global and regional consumer rights, culinary experience, and extensive R&D expertise. GRIFFCO places a focussed effort on scaling positive impact and enhancing business growth opportunities for international and regional customers. 

About Griffith Foods: Griffith Foods is a product development partner specializing in food ingredients. They serve global food companies and regional food companies worldwide. It is a family-owned global company with close to 100 years in the marketplace.They supply a wide range of quality & innovative food ingredients marinades, snack seasoning, coating solutions, food bases and more. They offer insights, culinary concepts, food science &sensory capabilities to help customers succeed through true collaborative innovation.Griffith Foods caters to QSRs, hotels, cinemas, restaurants, caterers, food chains, snacking companies and protein processors through Griffith Foods and Custom Culinary®.Griffith Foods is now present in more than 33 countries and is a work family that stands 5000+ strong. Who they are, how they help their customers win, and what they do are all driven by their purpose – We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World.

About IFFCO: Established in 1975, IFFCO is a United Arab Emirates based privateInternational group, which manufactures and markets a well-integrated range of mass-market food products, related derivatives, intermediates and services. Supported by over 80 operations in 37 countries, our products are available in over 100 markets. We have developed leading FMCG brands, to include Allana, London Dairy, Igloo, Tiffany, Savannah, Noor, Rahma, Hayat, Allegro, Al Baker and Al Khazna. IFFCO offers unmatched consumer value, reaching markets across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, West Asia, Far East and the USA. The core principles and pillars on which the IFFCO brand has been built are reflected in our vision statement: “The preferred provider of sustainable value-added products and services for everyone, everywhere and everyday.” 

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