Realizing a vision of public sector digital services

Realizing a vision of public sector digital services

Dubai, UAE, (date):Digital applications arerevolutionizing customer service. Customers need personalized service with minimal interactions, which forcespublic and private service providers to digitally transform their business models, according to a joint study conducted by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and Strategy&, part of the PwC network, entitled “Building the future of public sector digital services.”

These entities must aim for an “invisible government” that enables seamless services.For example, private companies would receive clearances and approvalswithout filing a request. To provide such a service,government entities should know their customers andfacilitate dataexchange among them.

Government entities in the region have managed to modernize and digitize their services in recent years. Her Excellency Aisha Al Marzooqi, Executive Director of the Government Services Sector at the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority,explains how: “The Abu Dhabi government has established TAMM, a one-stop shop for all services. TAMM is built on an entire system of digital capabilitieswith over 600 digital services. Approximately 90 percent of total government transactions in Abu Dhabi are now conducted through digital channels.”

However, customers are still asking for more.According to Hani Zain, Partner and member of the Telecommunications, Media and Technology practice with Strategy& Middle East,“a recent survey in one GCC country revealed that around 30% of customers are dissatisfied with the complexity of official websites and the amount of information they have to provide. Invisible government customer service will make constituents’ lives easier and allow these entities to operate more efficiently.”

The invisible government envisions tointegrate various services to limit duplication of application processes. By monitoring and sharing of data within a unified government platform and predictive analytics, governments can examine customer behavior and offer relevantservices. Such government-to-business-to consumer/business models can facilitatebusiness transactions.

The Middle East is moving towards invisible government services. In Abu Dhabi, automatic exemptions and actions are becoming more common when customers change status or request certain services. For example, a person diagnosed with a certain disability at a medical facility is proactively registered to benefit from a range of government services and privileges. This enables the government to better reach people of determination and reduce application burden and waiting times.

To enable invisible government services, governments will need to prioritize a few key mandates, including:

  • Build the necessary foundations to exchange non-sensitive public data
  • Develop interoperable digital platforms and a broad range of technological capabilities. The TAMM platform has already captured a considerable amount of customer data, enabling the analytics unit to derive meaningful insights.

With these steps, governments can proactivelyprovidequality services their customers appreciate, as well as attract international investors.


About the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) is leading the digital future of Abu Dhabi by supporting its government partners to deliver services and build ecosystems that enrich quality of life and multiply opportunities for business and personal growth. The ADDA seeks to enable, support, and deliver a digital government that is proactive, personalized, collaborative and secure. It supports Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation through strategies, policies, standards, and enterprise architecture for increased government performance. In addition, the ADDA delivers digital services, platforms and channels, and implement applied intelligence, shared government, and cybersecurity solutions for government entities. The ADDA is mandated to drive Abu Dhabi’s digital future to become a leading hub for digital transformation and innovation in the region.

About Strategy&

Strategy& is a global strategy consulting business uniquely positioned to help deliver your best future: one that is built on differentiation from the inside out and tailored exactly to you. As part of PwC, every day we are building the winning systems that are at the heart of growth. We combine our powerful foresight with this tangible know-how, technology, and scale to help you create a better, more transformative strategy from day one.

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